My journey from good little girl to a fully embodied, sexually empowered woman... required deep healing… 

Fear, shame, perfectionism, and self-sabotage patterns HAD TO GO in order for me to radically own my power and truth. 


Yes, hun, you get to just chuck those gremlins over in the fuck-it bucket NOW!

Once I realized that external authorities would never be enough to validate my healing gifts and purpose... then and ONLY then was I able to reconnect to my true identity, my feminine power, my SEXUAL power, and the life I truly desired to live. 

On my healing path through motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship I've learned the art of dissolving the illusions of victimhood... I now guide other women to release the shame and kowtowing patterns in their life. 

It's time to RELISH your pelvic/pussy/vagina/womb power!