My journey from good little girl to a fully embodied, sexually empowered woman... required deep healing.

Fear, shame, perfectionism, and self-sabotage patterns HAD TO GO in order for me to radically own my power and truth. 

Yes, hun, you get to just chuck those greasy gremlins over in the fuck-it bucket NOW!

Once I realized that external authorities would never be enough to validate my healing gifts and purpose... then and ONLY then was I able to reconnect to my true identity, my feminine power, my SEXUAL power, and the life I truly desired to live. 

On my healing path through motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship I've learned the art of dissolving the illusions of victimhood to create sustainable, sexy success in my life and relationships. I now guide other women to release the shame and kowtowing patterns in their own lives to live totally TURNED-ON. 

It's time to RELISH your pelvic/pussy/vagina/womb power!  


Let's Connect! 

A bit more about me - Steena Marie!

I am a Sexual Empowerment Coach who awakens women to living a V-Powered life (that's V for vagina, voice, and visibility). I found my calling to fierce feminine leadership when I finally let go of suffocating religious dogma, released sexual shame, and stopped begging others for approval.

My unique blend of deep emotional embodiment healing work and soul work coaching creates a sacred space for my clients to shift out of victimhood and live as fully embodied women. Come with me, I know your inner rebel is ready to stoke the fire of your soul... time to reclaim your pleasure and TURN ON your truth to transform your life, relationships, and work. 

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