Be the scandal. Let them whisper.

Life is good...ish.

But if you're being honest, like two-glasses of wine in with your girlfriends in the wine lounge honest, your pussy is hasn't dripped with orgasm in feel like a failure listening to the constant voice in your head berating you for not speaking up in your business and showing up as the gives-no-fucks goddess you know you are...and the domestic horror of soccer-mom-esque hum drum has taken your romantic life hostage...

It ain't so sexy, and you know it.

If you keep following everyone else's recipe for life, mixing up your PASSION, your FIRE, your PURPOSE, your MESSAGE, your ART, and your SEXUALITY into a concoction that resembles a sad, tame, pseudo-you...making the impact you're here to make in the world will ALWAYS be a struggle.

Thank god you have access to another way, another world, another version of who you are. That access is here, now, in the decision to allow yourself to be supported. Of course you can do this alone (it will most definitely take longer and be hella frustrating and lonely as fuck), BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

You can tap into the true pleasure, self-connection, self-expression, and communication MAGIC that turns ALL of who you are into a delicious confection that everyone in your vicinity will want to devour.

WARNING: You may find yourself oogling yourself in the mirror, falling madly in love with the woman you become...just sayin'.

To reach that pinnacle of presence, fullness, and satisfaction in your life — the BULLSHIT must go. This means shifting out of your self-sabotaging thought and emotional patterns, releasing generations-old family paradigms of fuckery, and radically re-programming your capacity to CREATE your life, relationships, and business from a place of decadent and daring belief in the power you hold to CHOOSE every divine detail of your existence. 

No pussy to speak of? 

In fact...I fucking love it. All the above still applies, just sub in 'cock', 'god', and dad-bod-blues where appropriate.

Be warned, I am not 'nice' and will not be your 'good' mother. I am wild, fierce, and will unapologetically penetrate the walls you're so perfectly holding up around your true identity, message, and presence...with all the love in the world.

My mentorship is a combination of kinesiology release, subconscious reprogramming, soul-self connection, and identity integration.

I support men, women, and couples in an intimate container AKA coaching relationship to embody their identities and come together in vibrant, juicy relationships through deep inner work, dynamic communication, and complete self-expression.

Please note: this is not therapy or mental health care and I am not medically qualified to provide such services. 

You'll receive an email reply confirming your appoint. If for some reason it seems that we would not be a good match to work together at this time, you’ll receive a personal reply from me and your appointment will be cancelled.