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All you want to do is send your ideal clients drifting off into daydreams thinking, “I must work with this woman...no matter what it takes!”

But instead you’ve got her eyes crossed in confusion about wtf you actually can HELP her with.

Repelling the epic clients you say you want to seduce — ends here.

You know that if you could just create that magic AHA moment in the mind of that dreamy client, on repeat, without fail, you know that your programs and services would be sold out, STAT.

Right now, though?

Your dream clients aren’t lining
up to work with you. Point blank.

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Your issue isn’t a lack in talent, value of your work, or mastery of your craft...

It’s simply an issue of your talent, value, and mastery being lost in translation.

And that’s an issue I can help you fix.

The inaction of your audience is evidence that your glorious, empowered, healed ‘after’ sounds like a heap of incomprehensible gibberish to your dream clients who are living the gritty ‘before’ that you can hardly remember being in yourself.  

Stop mind-fucking yourself overthinking your every word.

Stop putting on those suffocating, ill-fitting copy corsets (aka templates).

It’s time to deeply shift the way that you approach writing copy.

When you start speaking the language of your dream clients, you alchemize your epic magic into real-life results that your dream clients will happily hand over the big bucks for.

If it still seems like pulling words out of thin air and trying to string them together in a way that connects, converts, and leaves your leads breathless is some kind of witchcraft you haven’t cracked the code to...you’re in the right place.

That’s exactly the kind of word witchery I not only do for and with my VIP clients...it’s what I show my students how to do out there in the wild online, too.

Transforming the way that you communicate
means smooth selling ahead.

You have three options for receiving copy support from me.

Let me help you decide which one’s right for you.

“I’m curious about your style and what it’s like to work with you…”

You’ll want to hop into my FREE community where we have weekly copy reviews that you can always catch yummy past replays of. Perfect for online entrepreneurs who are launching a new ad campaign, opt-in, course, program, or service and want an exclusive (free) way to see my work in action.

“I’m writing all of my own copy...but I feel like I’m stumbling in the dark…”

Sounds like a maven mentor and mastermind are in store. Inside of my paid mastermind group you’ll receive hands-on copy critiques, voice activations, brainstorming sessions, and access to an always growing library of copy starters (think swipe files + mindset magic), mini-classes, and behind-the-scenes bonuses.

“I need more copy than I can possibly write myself…”

Output overload happens, I’m here to lighten your load. I’ll turn your raw voice and stories into copy that converts. My VIP and retainer clients are sassy, bold, unapologetic, and uncensored entrepreneurs who loathe the vanilla mediocrity of most copywriters out there.

Your voice will create wild wealth in your business when you unleash it and allow it to sell for you. Reclaim your power, babe, and prepare yourself for wealth.

Join me on my podcast, Copy in the Car, to receive expert tips and tricks on copywriting and radically shift the way you think about what you write, how you sell, and the power of communication and connection through copywriting to change every area of your life.  


Hey there, in case we haven’t met yet, I’m Steena Marie.

I like to think of myself as the sassy best friend you've always wished you had who texts just to see if you’ve been ravished by your lover lately, makes you blush talking a little too loudly about ‘last night’ at the coffee shop, and lovingly kicks your tush into action to create real, embodied change in your life, relationships, and business. 

As a Copywriting Clairvoyant, Word Witch, and Voice Alchemy Queen I conjure irresistible chemistry between diva entrepreneurs and their prospective soul-mate clients in my metaphorical copywriting cauldron. 

I was once a small town valedictorian, beauty queen, and good-girl headed off to college for a sensible degree in accounting...which, thank goddess, I rebelliously never finished. My driven, entrepreneurial fire has lead me through breaking societal standards of womanhood, motherhood, and relationships ever since.

My clients now describe me as, “Viagra for the soul” and “the most unapologetic woman I know.” 

For words to inspire sales in seconds flat, uninhibited expression and deep relationship-based connection are absolutely essential. This is the foundation for the copy I have the honor to write for my six and seven-figure-selling clients.

I’m as googly-eyed and giddy as a 6th grader asked out by her crush when I witness a woman birthing her voice, claiming the value of her work, and selling her sacred work like the empowered enchantress she is.