The problem is simple: your dream clients aren’t lining
up to work with you…yet.

Instead, the woman you’d love to serve is confused about WTF you can actually help her with.

And confused people don’t buy…

…which is why you’re still under-earning, under-selling, and under-serving your people.

It’s time to start speaking the language of your dream client.

Deeply understanding her needs.

Alchemizing the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your work into clear, transformational results she’ll drool over (and happily pay YOU the big bucks to help her acheive).

Imagine hearing…

“I must work with this matter what it takes!”

When your voice is activated, your message is clear, and your copy is on point, this is the kind of obsession you can expect.

Your voice will create wild wealth in your business when you unleash it and allow it to sell for you.

Hey there, in case we haven’t met before, I’m Steena Marie.

I like to think of myself as the sassy best friend you've always wished you had who texts just to see if you’ve been ravished by your lover lately, makes you blush talking a little too loudly about ‘last night’ at the coffee shop, and lovingly kicks your tush into action to create real, embodied change in your life, relationships, and business. 

As a Copywriting Clairvoyant, Word Witch, and Voice Alchemy Queen I conjure irresistible chemistry between diva entrepreneurs and their prospective soul-mate clients in my metaphorical copywriting cauldron. 

I was once a small town valedictorian, beauty queen, and good-girl headed off to college for a sensible degree in accounting...which, thank goddess, I rebelliously never finished. My driven, entrepreneurial fire has lead me through breaking societal standards of womanhood, motherhood, and relationships ever since.

My clients now describe me as, “Viagra for the soul” and “the most unapologetic woman I know.” 

For words to inspire sales in seconds flat, uninhibited expression and deep relationship-based connection are absolutely essential. This is the foundation for the copy I have the honor to write for my six and seven-figure-selling clients.

I’m as googly-eyed and giddy as a 6th grader asked out by her crush when I witness a woman birthing her voice, claiming the value of her work, and selling her sacred work like the empowered enchantress she is.