You’re falling asleep at your desk for the third night in a row…

Just one more email…

Just gotta finish this and then…

I can take a nap tomorrow to catch up on sleep (yeah, right)…

This might be the overwhelmed, exhausted, bound-for-burnout way SOME women launch their divine programs, products, and eCourses into the world - but it doesn’t have to be the way YOU roll my friend.

There's more to launching than meets the eye and you're here because you GET that, too!



You’ve hired the VA, the ads manager, the designer, the copyrighter, the house cleaner… but who’s there to completely and deeply support YOU as you emotionally and vibrationally move through massive up levels as you launch, call in more divine clients than ever before, and sell your ass off?

When you’re becoming more visible, increasing traffic to your list and groups, having more sales calls than you can count, LIVE streaming your face off, and holding the most delicious workshops, masterclasses, and webinars… the drain on your life force can take you down quick.

Not to mention - how can you possibly love on your kids after work and wind down enough to get sexy with the hubs if you’re so strung out on stress in your launch that your body is in constant fight-or-flight?

Let’s get real, sista, the emotional rollercoaster and chaos of an unsupported launch just doesn’t suit your soulful self! 

If you’re ready to launch your dream program without having to worry about upper limiting, self sabotaging, empathic overload, and running yourself into the ground serving from force - then you’re in the right place.

With this divine launch doula support you get everything you need to cover you emotionally and energetically during the most intense “push-the-baby-out” phase of your beautiful launch and business birthing!

Every week I’ll check in with you via phone/skype and see what’s coming up for you in your life and work, how your emotional momentum is hanging in there, and what we need to address that week. Then, you’ll receive emotional kinesiology, dowsing vibrational clearings, and even a total launch team clearing to keep you on fire, aligned, expansive, and deeply energetically nourished.

What does this mean to your bottom line, you ask? Great question.


When you bring in the launch doula you can expect juicy shifts such as:

  • feeling more grounded and present in your body with a laser focused clarity during your launch phase

  • freedom from toxic energy cords to clients, tribe members, or even family members that will otherwise drag you into drama and waste precious time and energy

  • radically increasing your frequency and getting into a totally magnetic manifesting vibe to attract the most dreamy clients into your program
  • a deep awareness of your own personal needs that allows you to juggle work, family, and self-care with ease - meaning you serve from your overflow without getting pulled into the undertow
  • sexy, playful, inspired, and creative energy infused into your relationships and work that will keep you from throwing in the towel and divorcing your husband while you build your business

Let's connect for a quick soul-to-soul chat
and see if The Launch Doula is right for you!



(custom packages available for longer launches)

20-30 min week start check in call per week

1 x Emotional Kinesiology Session per week

2 x Dowsing Vibrational Energy Clearing per week

1 x Team Clearing for Epic Group Chemistry per week



4 x Quantum Energy Activations

4 x Choice of Kinesiology, Dowsing, or Chakra
Clearings to pass on to the team supporting you
(VA, Ads Specialist, Assistant, Partner, etc.)




Don't let this be you ;) ... let's chat and see
how the launch doula can help you, love!