For all remote and long distance healing sessions I am able to tune in to your energy and frequency long-distance without phone contact. You will receive an email the day of your session with the results of your healing and instructions for integration and post-clearing self care.

If you decide to add on a phone session to your clearing I will tune in before our call and get the ball rolling, then we'll finish on the call together. Nothing special is required of you that day or during the clearing - in fact I find my clients get the best results when they’re sleeping, on a run, or just in the flow of their normal day!



Emotional Kinesiology $197

ADD A 30-45 minute Skype/Phone integration session for $200 (total $350).

Cut through the emotional ego chatter that has you spinning your wheels wondering why you’re so friggen triggered and pinpoint the exact emotional event from your past that is still hanging on and dragging you back into the same old triggers, fears, and sabotage patterns. During this clearing session, I will communicate directly to your all-knowing subconscious mind to find the root emotional cause of your current issue and release the emotional charge from your body, allowing you to move forward free of nagging emotional bondage.


  • resistance to being visible online - on video or in writing
  • limiting beliefs you just can’t shake but suspect are rooted in your childhood
  • wealth consciousness upleveling and resistance to receiving divine compensation
  • daddy wounds, mommy wounds, suffocating perfectionism, authority-trauma
  • elusive emotional triggers that seem to have no real reason in the here-and-now
  • clearing past life trauma, generational wounds, and inherited emotional baggage

Dowsing Vibrational Energy Clearing (personal or home) $197:

ADD A 30-45 minute Skype/Phone integration session for $200 (total $350).

Clear away stagnant and negative energies that are clinging to your energetic field from your self, home, or family with the power of pure divine love and white light frequency. During this session your body (or home) and energy field will be scanned for any attachments, tears, cords, vows, or voids that are currently obstructing your energetic flow and these will be cleared and replaced with pure divine energy.


  • physical and emotional energy drain from handling a lot of clients, sales calls, and online interaction
  • cutting cords from toxic relationships and healing your own energetic boundaries
  • the busy entrepreneur who is feeling ungrounded and a bit scattered in her energy
  • recurring relationship issues in between family members (both should be cleared in this case!)
  • mama entrepreneurs who work from home who may bring other people’s energy into their work and home space as a result
  • when you’re upleveling like crazy and you need a deep energetic recharging and vibrational alignment on a cellular level

Full Body Chakra Balancing  $197:

ADD A 30-45 minute Skype/Phone integration session for $200 (total $350).

This divine session includes a full reading and colorful artistic depiction of your chakra centers before and after balancing. 


  • if you’re feeling unsafe or unsupported in your life and work
  • trouble expressing your message and owning your voice confidently
  • disconnection from Spirit and/or trouble tuning in to your intuition
  • releasing tension and contraction in the body for deep alignment
  • uncovering the energetic roots of emotional blocks
  • getting to know your own energetic blueprint and working with your innate energies

Quantum Energy Activation $75: 

Like a 5 hour energy shot - without the nasty chemicals! 

This session is a spur-of-the-moment quick vibrational clearing and recharge with a quantum energy activation that brings an instant boost of clarity, energy, and focus right when you need it!

Normally available M-F 10-4pm EST by FB Messenger.




Miss Independent.png


Shift out of expecting your partner to be a 24/7 cheerleader who validates your gifts and abilities to owning your own power and vision to take sacred responsibility for the success of your soul calling while relieving your romantic relationship of burdensome expectations and pressure so you can create a rich, playful intimacy with your partner.

This requires a deep cleansing and clearing of old karmic crap from ex-lovers, bad breakups, and sexual shame that is still lingering in your energetic body to allow you to step out of old sabotage patterns so you can stop replaying the same old tapes of self-doubt, unworthiness, and codependency and become fiercely empowered in your magnetic ability to attract and manifest in every area of your life - from the bedroom to your business.



  • Awaken a deep well of grounded confidence from within that allows you to show up in your business, share your message, and sell your services without fear or shame holding you back.
  • Activate a full-on libido boost that will open you to an entirely new level of openness and intimacy with your partner that is FULL of pleasure - you can kiss intimate resistance goodbye!
  • Radically turn on your powerful pussy and tap in to the unlimited sacral energy between your hips - allowing you to create with laser clarity like never before, birth your next genius business idea, get shit done, and STILL have energy at the end of the day for you and your family


4 Quantum Leap Energy Clearings (held remotely without phone contact, results delivered via email):

  1. Ex-Lover energetic cord cutting and karmic clearing (remote session)
  2. Current Lover energetic cord cutting (remote session)
  3. Pussy Shame Purification emotional kinesiology release (remote session)
  4. Pelvic Power Priestess Healing Ritual and Re-Charging (customized shamanic audio meditation)




1 x 45 min Initial Activation Session via Phone/Skype

1 x 45 min Integration Conclusion Session via Phone/Skype