Ahhh…. that feels better!

Whether you’re new to energy work or an old pro read this FULLY to understand how to support your body in processing the release work you’ve just experienced. Our energetic bodies move very quickly, and it sometimes takes a day or two for our physical bodies to catch up. By day 3 things are usually settled back down and fully integrated. 


Most of my clients experience feelings of lightness, increased clarity, feeling more grounded, spacious, relieved, unburdened, joyful, free, happy, and love-filled after their Energy Doula sessions. I always work with the intention to leave you feeling nourished and refreshed, but it is important to note that this is deep work that requires love and care for your body as well!

I recommend you follow this self-care protocol to nourish your body and fill all those cleared spaces with extra love, light, and gratitude.

If you feel any residual emotion flowing through you after the session including tears, tiredness, heightened sensitivity, etc. know that this is quite normal and good. This means your body is in a state of expression and flow and is simply integrating your work. 


  1. DRINK plenty of water and add a pinch of pink himalayan salt to your water as well (or use the sole method explained here) for extra minerals.
  2. SLEEP Do your best to go to bed by 10pm and wake in the early morning around 6am. Take a cat nap during the day if needed, do not resist the urge to rest!
  3. BREATHE in fresh air and give yourself a few minutes of uninterrupted deep breathing each day.
  4. EAT nourishing foods like hot bone broth, healthy fats, hot tea, fresh vegetables, fermented foods, fresh fruits, and cut sugar/caffeine/alcohol.
  5. INDULGE in luxurious baths, cozy sweaters, lovely music, dancing, walks outside, grounding visualizations, having cuddly sex, anointing oils over your whole body, sensually brushing your hair, dry skin brushing, slowing down down, and playing.
  6. ALLOW this release to move through you and integrate deeply into every cell of your being. 
  7. ASK for support if anything comes up after your session - I’m happy to help.

It is an honor to work with you and I’m sending you lots of nourishing love!



MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This protocol is not medical advice and is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any symptoms that are concerning to you in the least about your health, it is up to YOU to judge how to handle them. Please see a doctor if you think you need to! This is not medical therapy and does not diagnose, cure, or treat illnesses. I cannot help you determine if something is a result of the energy work or simply a cold or other illness you have.