If you’re on this earth to create a new paradigm that dismantles patriarchy, hierarchy, and status quo black & white rules for living...this is your fate:

You’ll be living in color and shades of gray, with the visceral sense that you’re shouting a third way for the rest of your life, while a few people start to question their duality, get curious, and join you in the bliss of choice, freedom, and deep mutual unconditional love. 

However, many will also ONLY be capable of deciding that since gray and color are just definitely NOT pure white then it must be black/evil/darkness/totally fucked — they won’t have any other tools to employ to comprehend you. You don’t fit inside of the lines they’ve drawn for their lives and so...they’ll try to reduce things into simple terms they can feel safe with while having limited curiosity about actually understanding you. They won’t be in the same dimension of thought and so the way you conduct your life will not translate to sensical reasoning to them. 

They will fear FOR you because they will feel that you no longer fear yourself.

They will hurt FOR you because they will feel that you no longer hurt yourself.

They will lament FOR you because they will feel that you no longer lament your own life. 

Have compassion for these people when they cross your path. They are genuinely concerned, and often the heavy responsibility they carry for your life feels like a holy task to them.

Understand that the way they emotionally and spiritually punish themselves for your sake is out of an understanding that love requires suffering. 

Hold forgiveness and embody the pure power of your presence when you look them in the eye, when you hug them, when you speak to them. Do not treat them like they are ignorant or wrong, they aren’t. They have a different understanding of how to love you, and you can just allow it to be as it is. No reaction required. No correction required. No judgement required. 

You don’t have to alleviate their fear, hurt, and lamentation by resorting to your old codependent, people-pleasing, good-girl/good-boy ways.

You can allow them to feel what they feel without taking it on as your burden to bear. 

You can, of course, as always, employ your own personal agency to relate to them in a different way or not at all if their fear, hurt, and lamentation becomes manipulation, abuse, or soul suffocation. 

Your true responsibility is to go out and serve those who want to be helped by you. It’s very hard to help and give to people who view you as tainted, mistaken, and deceived.

They generally won’t trust you and relating to them will seem surface deep compared to the all-consuming, all-giving, vulnerable work that your soul is called to share. 

Focus on connecting to your higher self and soul. Focus on doing the work of self-expression, practice presence, and create embodied relationships. 

This is how we end the power struggle: we pull out. In the face of pain, we witness our pleasure. In the face of struggle, we let go. 

Take a breath. Feel this in your body. Let the tension of being right and proving yourself melt away. See your soul fire ignite and your inhale animate your being. 

Live in the colors and grays, and I’ll dance there with you. 

💗 Steena Marie 

P.S. It’s December gorgeous and heading into 2019 my intention and theme for this space is to SIMPLIFY.

Cut out the fluff. Stop fucking pretending. Get laser specific about life, love, and soul-calling priorities. 

I’m VERY good at making things complicated, you too? 

There’s never been a better time to burn all of your bullshit to the ground and start LIVING in complete authenticity. 

Speaking your life into alignment. 

Showing up for yourself. 

Getting your energy and thoughts sorted.

BREATHING. BEING. BALLS-TO-THE-WALLING (that’s a verb, right)?

This is about learning to witness your own PLEASURE. Learning to fully embody your SOUL. Learning to move emotion, communicate with clarity, and grow exponentially without self-sabotage backfires and blow ups. 

I know it feels completely, terrifyingly AUDACIOUS to imagine stepping into the version of yourself you actually ARE. Going public without your walls up. Feeling proud AF about the choices you e made. 

I’ve had a year of deep personal transformation in 2018 that was so raw, so intense, so revealing that I’ve yet to completely share everything that’s changed in my marriage, my work, and my family. Let me just say, unconventional is an understatement about my life right now. So, if you’re in the processes of coming out of some proverbial closet right now and shaking in your boots doing it, this 4-week program I’m hosting is 💯 for you. As in, my heart is opening out of my chest to reach you with the hug and care you need right now because I fucking FEEL you. 

Don’t torture yourself and do this shit alone. Join me in Scandalous You. 😍


  • 4-week group program

  • Weekly live teaching and Q & A

  • Daily FB Group Support

  • VIP option available with 1-1 support

What we’ll cover in the program:

  • How to STOP Apologizing for who you are and start owning your decisions FULLY 

  • How to release responsibility for other people, their emotions, their reactions, and their judgment of you (aka ditching the good-girl/good-boy BS.

  • Strip away the stagnant sticky layers of shame and self-abuse suffocating your soul to get blissfully naked and present with your desires, pleasure, and sensational self

  • Expose and express YOU. Unapologetically. Uninhibitedly. Blissfully. Scandalously. Oh. So. Free. 

We’ll start January 1st, but early bird pricing is available now and until the morning of December 24th only. 

$397 for the group program experience (goes up to $497 on the 24th).

To upgrade to VIP with weekly sessions and private Voxer support email me at or private message me on Facebook and we’ll have a chat.