Mmmmmkay.... It's come to my attention that this needs to be said.

So, I'll get right to it.

>>> 1) Being visible, being SEEN online is 1000% about confidence. Not knowledge or information or education. Sorry/not sorry to burst your ego bubble.

>>> 2) Confidence is a direct reflection of how tapped in and tuned in you are to the absolute CORE of who you are. No, it's NOT about an inflated ego!

>>> 3) The core of WHO you are is this crazy good combination of your identity, sexuality, physicality, and spirituality that flows out IF and ONLY IF you have done the WORK to get really clear and aligned with it.

>>> 4) That work does not have to be teeth-grinding, head banging, frustrating work. The thing is, you've got to bring FUN into it if you really want the results to last.

>>> 5) Oh. And you have GOT to embrace BEING and FEELING sexy if you want to be visible. SEXY IS SEEN.

>>> 6) More on that sexy bit... You do NOT have to put yourself out there as seductive, flirty, sassy, feisty, harsh, crude, flashy, loud or brash to be SEXY... OR.... YOU CAN BE - YOU CHOOSE. This is deeper than all of that though...

>>> 7) Being visible online means doing really friggen' deep work. You CANNOT just buy a social media strategy and expect it to dig down into your subconscious, release the crap holding you back, and magically create motivation, consistency, and confidence in your work that creates a whole new paradigm for you that makes you feel SAFE to be SEEN. If that's what you're hoping for, you're mistaken... that's what *I* do, my dear.


That feels better.

I just KNOW there's SO much more out there for you, and I know that confident, sexy you is just WAITING to be unleashed fully.


OVS TO THE GROVES (no balls to the wall here) and get rolling with what the heck you're going to do about being stuck where you're at.

It starts now.

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<3 Steena