Have you had one of these 5 Common Triggers?

So many of our emotions come from external experiences.

This person said or did this or that and IT MADE US ANGRY.

Someone else has something we want and IT MAKES US JEALOUS!

I'm here to FLIP this mentality. No one else can MAKE us feel anything, but we will become a victim to our circumstances and emotions if we don't take the time to work through our triggers in a healthy way.

Today we're starting with FIVE of the most common triggers that I see in my clients and tribe (and that I've experienced myself). If you have experienced these you'll want to make SURE you're signed up to receive the rest of this series this week. Just click here to get on the list!

I'll be sharing big no-no's when it comes to dealing with your triggers AND my 4 step method to deal with your triggers. Yum!

Enjoy the show, my dear!