Should I CUT TIES when someone triggers me?

This is a BIG question you might have after last week's content about how to deal with triggers when they come up in your life.

When someone triggers you emotionally - what do you DO?

After you've taken the four steps I recommend (You can find those here if you missed them)... what's next?

Do you block them? Cut ties? What if they keep on triggering you around the same darn thing?

Here's what I have to say on the matter!

DISCLAIMER: When we're talking about triggers I mean run of the mill frustration, jealousy, etc. that we experience in our every day lives just because someone else is being a normal not perfect human being or doing something that you WISH you could do. We're NOT addressing any form of abuse, harm, or attack on you. If someone in your life is perpetuating these, seek professional help.

P.S. How do you like that new intro tune and jam?! I thought it was pretty snazzy! Who knew iMovie was so magical! :D