I was talking with a friend yesterday about the sacral chakra, our womb, and the creativity and force that indwells there.


It really is a shame that the throat (voice), heart (soul), and solar plexus (power) chakras get so much air time these days, while the foundational chakras (root and sacral) get neglected.


The key here is this: these chakras are FOUNDATIONAL. If your root and sacral chakra are out of whack I don’t care how many other meditations, programs, and healings you do to find your power and your voice - it ain’t gonna stick.


So while I think it is of utmost importance to find out who you are, listen to your heart, step in to your power, and use your voice… there’s something totally missing from all of that. At the moment, there seems to be a belief that the masculine energy in the world is imbalanced and needs more femininity. Well, let me tell you something. That imbalance didn’t come from men acting above the belt and it won’t be healed by women acting from above the belt either. I’ll lay it out REAL clear here.


If you are disconnected from your womb, your vagina, and your sexuality - YOU CANNOT CREATE in the world. You can use up all the energy of your solar plexus, heart, and throat trying to create a life that satisfies you. You can try try try to be present and heal your life. But, really? You cannot create the life that you desire if you cannot connect to the most intimate part of you that is at the root and foundation of your being.


As women, our vaginas seem to carry this dirty stigma because of our periods and birth which are both considered to be part of “the curse” in the bible. We have grown up believing - even if it wasn’t spoken verbally - that women are somehow less than, handicapped, and gross because we bleed monthly and expel children from our sexual organs.

Please people. Stop the madness.


I have hosted full moon circles, book clubs about this, and spoken to so many women who are creatively frustrated, overwhelmed by the rushed feeling of their lives, and don’t know where they are going. They feel a tightness in their chest, a lump in their throat, or a pit in their stomach.


But, actually, I’ve talked to very few women who are actually aware enough of their sacral bowl to feel anything there.


When I suggest connecting to their cycle, the moon, their menstruation, or - gasp - doing their own vaginal massage. There is so much resistance and dismissal. As if these will not making any REAL difference. These women want results. They want to rise up as a warrior and charge forward.


Let’s have a little sex ed lesson here.

Men ejaculate multiple times a month. Let’s just say 12 times or more given that on average men want sex every two or three days. In ONE ejaculation a man can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm. So in one month that’s at least a BILLION sperm.


Women ovulate once a month. Once. She probably desires to connect with her partner multiple times but is more sexually ravenous when she is fertile. In ONE month a woman releases ONE egg. So in one month that’s ONE egg. Repetitive, I know, but pay attention.


In order to create ONE baby, a man produces a BILLION seeds. That’s a heck of a lot of effort and chance to successfully produce one being. Even if we look at one single sex act, we’re still somewhere in the millions or a billion of sperm.


In order to create ONE baby, a woman produces ONE egg. Do you see the difference here? ONE to one BILLION.


A man’s role in creation is really quick, cyclical but within a day or three, and is really unconcerned with the results. He will continue to ejaculate and try to impregnate in order to create. He will just. Keep. Going.


A woman, on the other hand, has a slower, cyclical, receptive, nurturing role in creation. She receives ONE sperm. ONE. in order to allow creation to unfold. At the point of fertilization her entire physiology changes to begin supporting new life and nurturing this creation. She will then be attached to this creation for months until she births it in to the world. At which point she’ll feed her baby from her own body for months and slowly the little one will gain enough independence to care for itself. Really we are talking years here.


(I realize this is simplified and idealized but the broader view is important here)


So as the man goes on to continue to do the exact same thing he has always done to release his creative potential, a woman does not.


Even a woman who never bears children will go through monthly cycles of preparing, releasing, clearing, releasing and on and on.


She isn’t the same today as tomorrow or next week. Always slowly changing. Always cycling with her work, her purpose, her being.


And all of this is in the sacral bowl. Your pelvis. Your womb.


Your feminine being is centered here. Where the posibility of life is procured and reception of only the best and greatest will do. Where new life comes, where death and release comes. Every month. A mini life, a mini death, a mini birth.


But also, not mini. Magnificent.


Within the sacral chakra, the creative energy center of a woman, is our true ability to heal ourselves. To become fully expressed.


But there is so much fear.


Fear of touching. Fear of knowing. Fear of actually experiencing our sensual, sexual, intimate places as if they are truly our own. The fear is in your root.


If you have only ever allowed a man to explore the landscape of your sexuality. If you have believed the lie that women don’t want sex, that being sexy is inducing lust, and that touching yourself in any way is dirty… there is inexplicable joy to be found within you yet.


We must reclaim our womb space, stop cutting ourselves off at the waist, and drop down… way down… below our hearts… below our driving power… into the sacred space of creation that we hold between our lucious hips.


The place of movement. Life. Fertility. Our earth. Our groundedness.


Our wounded wombs are crying out. And we are so desprate to find satisfaction on the outside that we have yet to seek it on the inside.


Think of a time that you had an intensely delicious orgasm. Mind blowing pleasure flowing through your viens and totally disconnecting you from thought. (And if you haven’t, know that this entirely is possible for you.)


In that moment you became totally overwhelmed by the earthy, lush, intoxicating energy of your womb. You let yourself go. You connected. You climaxed. You felt deeply. You received. You dreamed. You breathed. You moaned.




This is the place you yearn for. The purpose you desire. The satisfaction you seek.


You may be heard, acknowledged, and powerful in the world… but you will still know there is something more. And it is within you. In this deeply sacred space. This is where transformation can be experienced and your roots set down into the earth with a confidence that you are connected. Whole. A healed womb (even if you no longer physically have a uterus). Ready to unleash your magnificent, majestic self.


To take your throne.


No longer a princess, but a queen.


Ready to let life flow from a place she has not known for so long.


This is you, soul sister. The creator. The receiver. The nourisher. The healer.


Live from this place of deeper knowing and let your power, your heart, and your voice be effortlessly fueled from the sacred well of spirit within you.