I just want to be brutally honest here for a minute and say...


And I don't care who knows it.

I was the beauty queen of my hometown when I was in high school and my dad hung this HUGE picture of me in our house... then it later moved out to the pole barn (where all the summer bbq's and parties are)... and I still like seeing myself crowned, smiling, and DARN proud of what I've accomplished.

AND THAT is the feeling I have been stepping in to DAILY for the last few months. And I friggen' love it.

So, beautiful, it's okay for you to love your face to. Ain't no shame in that.

Flaunt what you got.

Smile at the world.

Let your eyes dance.

And shake that mane.

You've still got it.

And, while we're at it, let's talk about the rest of you....

If you're feeling not so hot about your BODY... then loving your face only goes so far. What I would love for YOU is to feel absolutely radiant from every hair on your head on down to your sweet little pinky toe.

Yup, all the way.

Do you KNOW what kind of magic happens when that's the case? It's not just more confidence, a better body, or being more attractive. 

Girl, you have a LIGHT that shines from the fire burning within the CORE of who you are. Every cell of your body is excited and aware. You wake UP and smell the flowers, the earth, the dew, the day. You become alive to pleasure around you and receive without inhibition.



If you want to start with your face, that's lovely. Just be sure you don't leave the rest of you out because doesn't that last bit just sound divine?

It is.

You are.


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<3 Steena