I AM called to bring PLEASURE into the lives of women. Sexual, personal, relational, professional, luxurious pleasure. Pleasure that no one but YOU can give yourself permission to have.

I know I am called because this is just ME.

This is my journey.

Losing myself. Losing my joy. Losing my bliss. Losing my shine. Living my life asking everyone but ME what I really wanted and who I was supposed to be.

What I was supposed to do.

What was okay, acceptable, and right.

Finally I decided enough is enough. WHO DO I WANT TO BE?! I started seeking myself, my truth, my pleasure, my sexy happy self again. Knowing she's been there all along and doing whatever it takes to unleash her from the cage of doubt, codependency, shame, and conformity into blissed out pleasure again.

Why can't I NOT?

Because I'm not that damn selfish.

If I DO NOT share this journey, this message with the world, with women everywhere... I will be living a life that feels a lot more like dying than living.

How can I feel this much love and happiness and NOT want to empower every woman to CHOOSE this for herself in her own life?

I know it is possible. I know I am called. I know I am here to heal. And if there's one compulsion I will never give up, it's the one I have to see every woman stand strong in who she is, writhing in pleasure, dancing in joy, and finding that the whole time she was chasing some "other" goal... that the prize was within her the whole stinkin' time.

That's why.

<3 Steena