Want to know something that keeps your VIBE way down LOW?

Unfinished things leaking your energy...


Whether it's a course, a program, a project, or just piles of laundry waiting to be folded - your unfinished business is bringing you down, scattering you all over the place, and keeping you distracted from your TRUE priorities.

So... if you're eyeing a new program or package here today ladies - ask yourself this question - have I finished what I've already started?

AND THEN - here's the kicker - ASK YOURSELF: WHY?

A) If you didn't finish because it wasn't the right fit - write the name of that thing down, burn it with a match, and seriously let it GO. Don't let that take up your energy any more feeling guilty about it.

B) If you felt like it was too much work, you didn't have the time, or you didn't think it was the RIGHT time... revisit the thing you bought. The current struggle you're having - would it get you the results you want? THEN DO IT NOW. Put in the work and get the results you so desire. IF NOT - follow instructions under A)!

C) If you can't think of the last thing that went unfinished - congratulations you have incredible follow through and I wonder if you've even made it reading to the end of this post. Also, since you're superwoman - I would LOVE to hear if this is something you've already dealt with from your past of if you've always been this way.

NOW THAT YOU KNOW - just be HONEST with yourself before you buy another package or service. Are you REALLY ready to do the work? READY to make changes?

READY to finally find the pleasure, joy, fulfillment, and results you WANT in your life and biz?

Only you can choose those things, dear. And, YES, I am DOING THIS right now myself. I have a list of all of the things I've purchased in 2015 and what I need to do to close those doors as I step into the new year.

So get out there and DO your thing - and HIRE the help when you're so ready that you KNOW you're ALREADY on your way. I DON'T EVEN CARE IF IT'S ME!!! If it is... well - you're on my blog so just look below here and you'll find the deets.

JUST DO IT (whatever IT is)  - for you.

<3 Steena