If you want to get into your dream client’s heads…you have to get the fuck out of yours, first.

Cash magnet copy is created when your most vulnerable voice is unleashed, intimate connection is made, and selling becomes more about your unstoppable conviction in what you offer than what you can get from someone who’s going to buy it.

And if you want that kind of copywriting?

You’re going to need someone who can not only amplify your voice, but who can also hold sacred space as you take a stand for the world-changing value of your work.


When you connect with potential clients through emotional, connective, conversational copy, you get into their heads, into their hearts, and create space for a soul-led decision on whether or not to buy from you.

Using your stories and your raw authentic voice to SHOW instead of TELL your potential clients how you can help them creates deep rapport almost instantly. They can feel your soul, your truth and the rich service you have to whole-heartedly offer them.

I offer copy by the day, weekly blog/email retainer packages and full funnel copy packages (landing page, tripwire, upsell, emails, fb ads, sales pages).

To see if we’re a fit to work together, please choose an appointment time below, following you’ll answer a few questions for me, and then we’ll have a chat about what you’re launching and how my copy alchemy fits into your diabolical plans. Please plan on 30 minutes for this call.

*Note on Investment: My copy services are offered a day rate or package of copy days. The most basic packages I offer are $1k-2k and my other services range from there up to my platinum funnel packages around $10k+. Your needs are fully considered before a project quote is delivered.