For all remote and long distance healing sessions I am able to tune in to your energy and frequency long-distance without phone contact. You will receive an email the day of your session with the results of your healing and instructions for integration and post-clearing self care.

If you decide to add on a phone session to your clearing I will tune in before our call and get the ball rolling, then we'll finish on the call together. Nothing special is required of you that day or during the clearing - in fact I find my clients get the best results when they’re sleeping, on a run, or just in the flow of their normal day!


Emotional Kinesiology & Clearing $397

Cut through the emotional ego chatter that has you spinning your wheels wondering why you’re so friggen triggered and pinpoint the exact emotional event from your past that is still hanging on and dragging you back into the same old triggers, fears, and sabotage patterns.

During this clearing session, I will communicate directly to your soul energy to find the root emotional cause of your current issue and release the emotional charge from your body, allowing you to move forward free of nagging emotional bondage.


  • resistance to being visible online - on video or in writing
  • limiting beliefs you just can’t shake but suspect are rooted in your childhood
  • wealth consciousness upleveling and resistance to receiving divine compensation
  • daddy wounds, mommy wounds, suffocating perfectionism, authority-trauma
  • elusive emotional triggers that seem to have no real reason in the here-and-now
  • clearing past life trauma, generational wounds, and inherited emotional baggage
  • physical and emotional energy drain from handling a lot of clients, sales calls, and online interaction
  • cutting cords from toxic relationships and healing your own energetic boundaries
  • the busy entrepreneur who is feeling ungrounded and a bit scattered in her energy
  • recurring relationship issues in between family members (both should be cleared in this case!)
  • mama entrepreneurs who work from home who may bring other people’s energy into their work and home space as a result
  • when you’re upleveling like crazy and you need a deep energetic recharging and vibrational alignment on a cellular level