Episode 9: Jaded by religion, but still crave Spirit?

When was the last time you felt truly free of shame or fear around connecting to God… outside of the confines of religion?

A huge part of my own story is how I have shed, layer by layer, the beliefs, experiences, and religious boxes that were hindering me from being the woman, leader, and healer that I was created to be.

Today I wanted to talk about the energy I feel around religion and how I feel connecting with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is different when done through life, experience, and spirituality.

The cliff notes version…



 - reinforces separation

 - creates community out of exclusion

 - has answers but no questions

Seeking truth, following love, finding God…

 - love reinforces unity and inclusion

 - living creates community organically 

 - wholeness seats from a place of learning, love, and laying down the insatiable ego



1) Am I truly living as the woman God created me to be?

2) Am I listening daily to the divine?

3) In what way, even a little, am I holding myself back from giving all of who I am?


This talk first aired as a Facebook live as a part of my “A Course in Miracles” daily lesson on my Facebook page. Join me for more here: www.facebook.com/steenamariebiz