Episode 6: Sex, Separation, and Unconditional Love

When intimate sexual resistance crops up, it can take so many forms. One of which is expecting our partner to read our minds and fulfill all of our needs exactly as we think they should be met.

"I need you to ______ so I can feel ______ ."

Been there? Done that? 

I recently asked my partner to give me more verbal affirmation after I gave sexually to him "without expecting anything in return" and "just because I wanted to." (Quotes entirely necessary).

I found that his agreement (while sincere and uncomplicated) made me even MORE dissatisfied as I realized there was something even deeper I was AFRAID to receive...

If you've experienced sexual funks or have a great sex life and still feel yourself holding back from being fully present in pleasure and your relationship with your partner - you won't want to miss this episode!