Episode 5: What has damaged your divine guidance?

Have you ever had a sense that you simply aren't FULLY stepping in to your power? A sense that doesn't seem specifically related to a trigger or area of your life? Sometimes our emotional and energetic blocks show up in kind of vague, overarching themes. This is why I love using the body and life as an oracle - a revelatory tool to show us areas where we may be holding on to beliefs and baggage that are keeping us replaying the same subconscious tapes over and over again.


Today I'm sharing with you STRAIGHT from my own journal to show you one of the ways I work through the process of embodiment, healing, and release to tune myself back in to the divine feminine frequency I am at my core. This means freedom from those nagging negative thoughts, self-sabotage patterns aborted, and in this instance a huge SURGE of divine guidance on my next steps and wholeness in this moment. Yum!!!