Episode 11: Screw Logic... 4 steps to find your feminine in the throes of masculine overdrive

When you find yourself FORCING your way through an upper limit, upleveling, mindset block, or emotional trigger… feminine is the way to go! Tune in to your soul and juicy feminine body to find the answers you crave instantly – today I’m sharing HOW!

Self sabotage – can’t manifest – intimate resistance – fear of judgement – upleveling – upper limiting – blocked – losing your shit with your kids – triggered by others – jealousy – perfectionism --- all of these situations can lead us into logic-zone where masculine overdrive likes to take over.  
The feeling that we MUST simply FIGURE THIS OUT and get on with our lives… this actually perpetuates our struggle and wrestling! 


Instead, today we’re talking about the feminine embodied way to shift and find intuitive answers. 

#1) BE with it – I am safe, there’s no threat, I know the answers. 

#2) Open to it – Ask without trying so hard, trust yourself, and release the rush 

#3) Receive it – Listen, see the vision, write, relish 

#4) Act on it – Allow yourself to move, breathe, and process what comes up for your emotionally and energetically without judgement or having to FIX it. Simply bringing it up is enough to let the energy flow and get you back in your feminine! 


*Here’s the link I mention at the end of the show as well! chatwithsteena.com* 


With fierce love, 

Steena Marie