Ep 46 Pleasure, Soul, and the Energy of Food - Fly on the Wall Wednesday with Amanda Heisman

Ep 46 Pleasure, Soul, and the Energy of Food - Fly on the Wall Wednesday with Amanda Heisman.jpeg

“Eating isn’t about restriction, dieting, and deprivation, but about sustained lifestyle changes over time guided from within.”

-Amanda Heisman, Certified Holistic Health Coach

What goes IN your body can support or compromise health not only on a physical level, but also an emotional, mental, spiritual, and vibrational level as well. In this episode of the V-Power Vortex Podcast Amanda and I chat about what it looks like to develop a healthy relationship with food and nourishment in our lives.

Amanda Heisman is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Writer, Speaker, and Founder of Heisman Health. She is the Intuitive Nutrition & Energy Expert who teaches female entrepreneurs to MAXIMIZE their ENERGY and prioritize & nourish themselves so they can innovate in their industries and IMPACT the WORLD.

Amanda speaks on subjects such as:

· What is True Nourishment?

· Eating for Energy

· Releasing Sugar Addiction

· Food as a Healing Modality & Ascension Support

· The Sacred Practice of Meal Time

· Emotional Eating & Intuitive Eating

· Nutritional Support for the Chakras

· Releasing Trauma with Detox

She hails from the great state of Ohio, now resides in south Florida, and travels often. Amanda discovered her passion for nutrition and wellness accidentally on purpose while recovering from a car accident that had rendered her physically & mentally stuck. She helps women to take control of improving their health through baby steps in nutrition, intuition, nature, self-care, and creative expression. She provides this in the form of both group courses and private coaching.

Website: www.heismanhealth.com

Free FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1647338492203007/