Ep 40 Spiritual Transitions in Life without Shame - Fly on the Wall Wednesday with Erin McKelle.jpeg

Ep 40 Spiritual Transitions in Life without Shame - Fly on the Wall Wednesday with Erin McKelle.jpeg

Topics Covered Today Include: Astrology, Spiritual Transitions, Stepping Out of Family of Origin Religious Traditions

What does it look like to transition out of the spiritual “norm” and into a soul satisfying journey of spiritual empowerment? That’s what Erin and I chatted about on today’s Fly on the Wall Wednesday episode of the V-Power Vortex Podcast.

Erin McKelle is a spiritual warrior, writer, healer, and life coach who empowers millennial leaders to bring authentic spiritual alchemy into their hustle.

An empowerment activist, she believes in owning your personal power to change your mindset, change your life, and ultimately, change the world.

Erin is a graduate of Ohio University, holding a degree in Women and Gender Studies. She has been recognized as a leader through her memberships on the Youth Advisory Board at YTH on the board of directors at Stop Street Harassment, and as a Youth Fellow with the Sierra Club. In addition, Erin has spoken about her work at many national conferences, including being a keynote speaker at the National Sexual Assault Conference in 2014 and the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence Annual Conference in 2013 and serves on the RAINN Speakers Bureau.

Erin has been featured on a variety of news and press outlets, including HuffPost Live, Look to the Cookie, The Condom Monologues, The Jenny Hunt Show, and The Jason Rantz Show. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all @ErinMcKelle. Visit her lifestyle blog and learn more about her coaching services at coachingbyerin.com

Erin is currently working at YTH (youth+tech+health) as the Communications Associate and living in New York City. She can usually be found reading a book, cooking up a new recipe, or obsessing over pop-culture.

Website: coachingbyerin.com

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