Ep 34 How Healing Gifts Become Your Art - Fly on the Wall Wednesday with Mira Zaki


Today we’re chatting about: Psychic gifts, Astrology, Art as healing, and Diversity in Stock Photography!

My first connection with Mira’s work was through a psychic session I won in an online business visibility challenge. I was blown away by her compassion, care, and how authentically she connected with me to deliver guidance.

I thought psychics were quite pretentious and future-focused at the time. Mira is a whole other ball game. She picked up on WHO I am and I look forward to experiencing her photography magic in 2018!

Mira Zaki is a Seattle born, NYC transplant, intuitive, traveling photographer on a mission to empower women through transformative photoshoots. She shares her perspective of the world - and heals - through her camera. Through her deep, soul-centered guidance and art she takes her clients from focus on the the “outer” appearance into the inner experience so that their true selves shine through every (untouched, photoshop-free) image.

Website Link: www.mirazaki.com