Ep 31 What “Listening to Your Body” Really Looks Like


"People in our lives come and go, but YOU are here for the whole journey!"
- Kerri O'Loane

Topics on Today's Chat: Self-Love, Body Image, and Ditching Diets so you can Eat to Nourish

On today's Fly on the Wall Wednesday we dig into the topic of "self-love" with Kerri O'Loane and ask the question, "How is self-love different than just "liking" yourself?"

Kerri shares her experiences with looking outside of herself for validation and how she overcame this need for the approval of others. We cover everything from wearing makeup, dieting, PCOS, and how listening to your body is the ultimate empowerment - it gives us true CHOICE instead of making us a victim to others or things outside of ourselves.

Kerri O’Loane is the Self Love Queen who is completely passionate about women and men loving their bodies and themselves. Kerri has been published in countless magazines and publications including The Huffington Post, Sivana East and Women’s Health and Fitness. Kerri loves yoga, fitness, energy work and spirituality. She is holistic in her approach to helping others physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Kerri loves traveling the world, friendships, and coffee.

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