Draw the line in the sand, love,
sabotage ends here.

The last thing you need in
order to uplevel is another
complicated biz system or
mechanical masculine strategy.

Here... we're all about the frequency.
The energy. The divinity of YOU.


You crave a dynamic, lush, powerful flow in your life and work…and it’s not because you’re sitting, stuck on the struggle bus it’s because you KNOW it's time to get the heck OFF.

Keeping up with the external circus won’t take you to where you want to be. EVER. It will drain the life out of you and your business, if it hasn’t already. 

The hunger pangs for a sacred, magical sisterhood and masterful mentor that embodies deep divine love, holds you to your absolute highest vision and calling, and bears wild, wonderful witness to your ascension, hell yes... it's here.


A place where your body, your business, your spirituality, and your life are honored as one juicy flowing whole.

A place that permits all fucking-of-rules to break you through the boxes, barriers, and blocks that hold you back.

A place to sink deep into your feminine body. Your sexuality, sensuality, creativity. Without shame, without restriction. 

A place for vibrational alignment and frequency mastery - without all the superstitious hype and fancy masculine rules.

A place where you can vent and release your shit - with sacred support that keeps you from spiraling into sabotage again. 

A place to unleash your own inner priestess healer to radically and playfully own your power, your worthiness, your divinity.


You may try to keep up with the busy, forceful, striving, and struggle... but let me assure you, this is not the only way... And you know things have to change. Let’s shift the beliefs, habits, grudges, baggage, stories, and traumas sabotaging your energetic and emotional sustenance.

It’s time to release the burdens of the world, see your true divine vision, and lay the soul foundation for a life and business that nourishes every cell of your being.

True strength to not only survive, but to expand into your dreams comes from that holy, tenacious soul connection with the Divine. Here, you find that sacred place within yourself again. 

SPOILER ALERT: It's held there between your hips. Your feminine power source. It's already there.


Give a nice wet goodbye kiss to the religious dogma, family's paradigms, stories of your victimhood, and lifetimes lived in fear of your own power. 

They no longer serve you.

Allow yourself to step forward, love. 

And as you turn to walk away...

shake that ass to the rhythm of your own drum. 

This is your call to RISE.

You walk the path of the embodied High Priestess now.


Release the overwhelm and allow yourself to transform into deep alignment now as you move past the masculine systems of work, formulas for personal development, rigid schedules, and step in to the flow of the divine feminine.

The constant hurry and pressure that comes from the need to prove yourself in a patriarchal paradigm is beginning to lose its grip.

When I finally let go of the ego need to do it all on my own until I burned into the grown, a new world opened up to me full of juicy intuition, joy, pleasure, and Divine guidance.

My life flourished as my personal power returned.

I could stand up for myself, hold my energetic frequency without taking on other people’s baggage, and examine my own triggers to receive astounding healing and wisdom.

Messages began to appear in my environment, relationships, and from within.

Whether I was serving clients with emotional healing work, having a family day out, taking a cat nap, watching Downton Abbey with my husband, or just scrolling through my Facebook feed – EVERY observation, emotion, trigger, and joy became a sacred experience.

Letting go of the fear of what others would think of my spiritual path, giving a voice to my mystical soul, and standing in my truth took courage I couldn’t muster on my own. It was only in sisterhood and with deep support that I was able to transform my life and allow myself to be the mystic, High Priestess, healer, intuitive, Christian, teacher, powerhouse of a woman that I truly am.


See, those Benjamins in your bank account… they don’t have much to say when you’re questioning your self-worth.

Strategy and financial success are friggen’ glorious… but only when you are aligned at a soul level with receiving, abundance, and ease

Regardless to how booming your business is, wealth calls on a deeper level... asking us to return to our wild, magical, spiritual, grounded, receptive, and expansive selves. To maintain and create external success, this is the deeper inner work that must be done in order for us to ascend.

You are ripe for a resurrection.

It's time to set a raging, fierce, feminine fire to what's holding you back. Then let your fierce feminine power flourish in the fertile ashes.

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Let's be bold, brave, and honest, love...
RIGHT NOW in your life do you...


 ... take on the emotions and energy of your family, friends, social media connections, and clients totally draining and empathically overwhelming yourself?

… feel disconnected from your intuition and Divine connection leaving you looking outside of yourself for permission to step in to your feminine glory?

… seek evidence of your enoughness and sacred feminine power from external sources… but can’t seem to find it in religious boxes?

 ... have shit for boundaries and say YES to friends, family, and clients when you’re really holding back your NO for fear of offending others?

… wait until you burn-out to take time for self-care, deep nourishment, and vibrational healing?

… hide just enough of your wild, quirky, weird, audacious self to not ruffle any feathers or be judged for who you are so you can keep playing it safe?

… resist receiving ecstatic sexual and sensual pleasure because of your own self-worth hang ups?

… resort to masculine drive when you’re feeling overwhelmed instead of nourishing and caring for your true feminine soul?


Does the journey stretch out too far beyond your grasp?

Not sure HOW to maintain your energy, frequency, vibration, and connection to the Divine as you uplevel your life?

Walking in to the shadows of your soul to bring light to the parts of you that create self-sabotage, triggers, and emotional resistance… is a huge undertaking… however…

You are destined to serve, live, and love at a higher level - beyond your wildest dreams.

You have the ability, strength, and tenacity to unveil the core of your divine calling and connection so you can say goodbye to overwhelm, self-sabotage, burn-out, sprints to success, upper limits, and high-vibe hangovers.

The High Priestess, fierce feminine within you...

She doesn't drown in self pity when someone fucks her over.

She doesn't ruin an entire week because of a trigger from someone's Facebook status.

She doesn't allow anyone else to tell her how she should dance before God and worship from the depths of her being.

She IS wild, free, and ready to reign over her life and business while her cup overflows with divine guidance.

She DOES command her life and beliefs for her ultimate good and to deeply serve those around her.

She DOES receive prosperity and pleasure richly... as a career woman... as a lover... as a divine creatrix.



It's time, here and now, to finally drop kick the belief that you are a victim to anyone or anything around you. You no longer have to be the good girl, stay in line, and disconnect from the part of you that is yearning to wildly disturb the pretty little paradigm around you.

Stand for your truth.

Say no.

Learn to hold your beautiful boundaries with grace.

Know your limits.

Let no one place limits on you.

You were born to be fierce. You were born divinely feminine. And you were born to unleash and fully wield the power of the calling and divine spark within you.

Radical transformation unfolds when indecisiveness, resistance, overwhelm, uncertainty, limiting beliefs, and fear become tools you can actually use to SOAR in your life.

This is the journey that will test, refine, and expand you like never before… if you’re willing to do the real work. The soul work. The work of the High Priestess.


Do you feel that burning for a business with soul, presence, and passion woven into its very being? Then it must be spun into yours, too, my dear... and the best way to do this?

EXPAND your frequency.

BE fully where you are.

OPEN yourself to RECEIVE.

NOURISH your mind, body, and soul...

Again and again in this fierce feminine journey of expansion.

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golden feather.png

Divine Embodiment

Sexual Connection

Emotional Alchemy

On Fire Manifesting

Sacred Yoni Power Awakening

Past Life and generational Healing

Moon and Menstruation Cycles  

Intuitive Answer Mastery

Feminine Play and Pleasure

Rich, Open Receiving  

Vibrational Cultivation


To rise to the next level of love, receiving, divine connection, and expression in your life, you’re going to need more than a nicely organized system or sales funnel.

Don’t expect a business plan or five step strategy to seven figures to deliver the healing and foundation building every successful feminine entrepreneur must be rooted in. 

Peeling back the layers of the unresolved emotional issues that continue to make upleveling an absolute pain in the ass… that’s your job here.

Cultivate the resilience that you need to operate in your life with ease, grace, and with a fully grounded identity… if you truly want a divinely mature success that lasts.

To put the pieces in place for a sustainable business, nourish and sustain who you are at your core.

Put your soul work first.

Come hell, high water, or Mercury retrograde (good grief don’t get me started!)… creating soulful success requires YOU going all in, and finally owning the power you have within you to rise and serve the world with ALL of your magical self. 

Are you prepared to release outdated, limited beliefs that are holding you back from what you deeply crave and receiving Divine purpose, love, abundance, and guidance in your every day?

How would having a really rich, full, limitless understanding and relationship with the spirit realm, your intuition, the Divine, and your own energy channels radically change the way you show up in your life?

That feeling rising… that sense that there’s something more to be unveiled here… is coming up for a reason.

The religious shame and mundane explanations of God, Spirit, the Divine just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

You crave the experience, the essence, the energy of Spirit pulsing through your veins and infusing your every action. Showing you the exact next step to take in your business. Giving you the answers you need on demand. Supporting you in vibrationally ascending.

Un-muted and un-tamed… this can be the new flavor of your full expression.

If, of course, you’re willing to drop the security blanket of fear and see what’s right in front of you, and already brewing within you - a sacred space infused with your wild and rebellious nature… vibrating with the divinity that’s required for you to unleash.

Untitled design(1).png

Feel in every cell of your being this truth: It is safe and entirely crucial for you to be divinely you.

Release desperation or your need for anyone to rescue or save you, take the driver's seat. This is about you and your powerful priestess journey.

Immerse yourself in a sisterhood full of like-minded women who see and hold you to your highest calling with unconditional support.  

It’s time to decide. To speak up. To ascend.

This is the next expansion, evolution, and unleashing for you. Own it. Right here. WITH OR WITHOUT ME - YOU are made for MORE and fully capable of consistent connection with the Divine. I believe that 100%.

Can you feel that fire rising?

Let's talk about how to keep the flame burning… How to resurrect your inner High Priestess… How to continue your journey of expansion…

High Priestess Resurrection.png

 In the High Priestess Resurrection Program you will:

  • Learn to radically embody the Divine and act as the feminine oracle you are
  • Release resistance and emotional blocks related to patriarchy paradigms by healing your feminine lineage and creating your feminine legacy to transform your connection to your identity, sexuality, and creativity
  • End the war with your ego by re-training yourself to receive wisdom from your emotional triggers and physical symptoms
  • Connect to your manifesting magic by learning how to energetically open space without having to hold it with white-knuckle effort
  • Stop totally exhausting yourself by installing sacred self-care rituals to bring focus to your scattered your energy and creativity
  • Heal seemingly unfounded fears, worry, doubt, anger, and triggers with dream work, past life release, visionary healing, and wild soul work
  • Ground and heal through tuning in to internal and external feminine rhythms including moon cycles and menstruation  
  • Shift out of frantically searching for simple answers to using muscle testing, pendulums, and visualizations to receive quick intuitive guidance
  • Let go of your perceptions and programming around what a woman and/or mother should do and rediscover  the play and pleasure you deserve
  • Release habits of trying to do it all yourself and learn to receive unconditional sisterhood and guidance from Spirit
  • Give up the elaborate, laborious energy healing and learn how to intuitively use sacred healing tools like crystals, oils, flower essences, nature, etc.
  • And much more as Spirit guides us on this journey together!
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"BOOM BOOM SHAKE THE ROOM… I have had the fastest transformation of my life. I have worked with other coaches, taken plenty of courses and programs but I still wasn’t aligned with being ME in my business. I was struggling to get clear. NOW, I have finally discovered my LIFE PURPOSE - which is to write and get my message out there. You showed me that it is JUST F*CKING OKAY to do it my way. I jump out of bed to be doing what I love. And that had not happened for two years until now. Yes, love it. Can’t get enough of you."

- Natalie Jayne, Journey To Soulmate Love



"Working with [Steena] was so multi-faceted, I cannot recommend her enough! She released my heart wall, opening me up to more beautiful emotions and deeper relationships. She helped me heal a gap in my marriage into more love and intimacy than I previously thought possible. My sex life has taken a turn for the better! Her combination of healing and coaching is brilliant and just what you need, trust me. I would especially recommend Steena - what an impact!"

- Tracy Gaudet, Spiritual Marketing Coach

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When I began working with Steena, I was completely disconnected from myself, my vision, my feminine energy, and my creativity. I'd been on a merry-go-round of negative thoughts, fears, frustrations and torments, and I felt I was starting to suffocate from the inside out. Walking away from my work with Steena I can tell I've broken through to a whole new level of confidence, creativity, passion, focus and vision. The relief and the excitement I feel are paramount, and I've seen my massive internal shift make big waves in my business and my life...and this is just the beginning.

- Alexandra Covucci; Transformation + Success Coach



For the last ten years I have walked the journey to awaken my inner High Priestess and find my own path to the Divine.

I certainly didn’t have the spiritual vocabularly to explain it every step of the way, but now it is clear.

From the time I first decided to “figure out what I believed” after dating a boy who’s family was very religious (and of a different faith than me)… I knew there was something MORE to the divine, and I wanted. It. All.

I prayed for spiritual gifts. To heal. To prophecy. To teach and have visions. My intrigue into the Holy Spirit grew like wildfire. 

As I entered adulthood, moved away from home, attended college, quit college, married my high school sweetheart, birthed my first child, lost two babies, and birthed my second living child… my world began to spin around me. In the span of five years I experienced more transitions, changes, and healing than I knew was possible.

I was drawn into a path of inner growth that most of my Christian friends and family couldn’t fully understand or were not even curious about.

I found myself awakening to my feminine body, my personal power and voice, my intuition, energetic healing, emotional alchemy, soul awareness, and the presence of Spirit in my every day life…

I wasn’t sure HOW to integrate it all!

It was only through the consistent inner soul work along with dedicated support of mentors, coaches, and sacred sisterhood groups that I was able to find my way.

Finding my place in the world did take a while though... I was using energy healing, crystals, pendulums, inspired cards, and doing past life work… but the spiritual or “woo-woo” box didn’t quite fit. I still unapologetically loved me some Jesus and yearned to be aligned with my faith.

The nauseatingly diplomatic questions from the Christians around me left me feeling like I didn’t have a true place within the church, either… how is a woman to grow from here?

Turning point after turning point has brought me here, to where I can now confidently express my own gifts and fully BE every part of who I am created to BE in this world

THIS is what happens when you walk the High Priestess path.

You see beyond what the world sees.
You know beyond what the world knows.

And you don’t give a fuck about trying to satisfy anything
but the raging divine fire living in the core of your being!

Untitled design.jpg

This is the soul mate match of a journey for you if...

   ... you are a success minded woman who takes ACTION and gets results

   ... you believe that the inner work and results create the outer results

   ... you know the immense value of tending to your own vibration and nourishment                        

   ... you are ready and willing to be called OUT on your BS and called UP to your High Priestess life and business

   ... you need straight answers, a rooted mentor, and sisters to hold your vision for your highest good

   ... you have a supportive partner or a couple of close friends... but need something MORE

   ... you are totally done with playing victim in your life to shift to soul-fire, fierce feminine living



This is probably NOT the journey for you if...

   ... you aren't sure you can commit to creating time and space for doing the soul work on a daily/weekly basis, as is required to see true progress and results

   ... you'd like me to wave a literal magic wand and make all of your problems go away in a day (there's a reason we're spending a juicy amount of time on this journey together!)

   ... you're in a crumbling partnership/marriage at the moment (shoot me an email and I'll be happy to recommend a divine woman to support you in this transition)

   ... you have very significant trauma in your past that you have not processed or worked through with a qualified professional

   ... you're currently trying to be super woman and do it ALL - and you're not willing to ask for help from your family or hire someone to take some things off of your plate (this is easy enough to fix!)


High Priestess Resurrection is available to you at
three different levels of support and investment.




- 6 months group mentoring & 1-1 coaching

- 1 monthly x 30 min sessions 1-1 with Steena

- 2 monthly LIVE group video class sessions (90 min)

- Exclusive meditations, rituals, prayers, and more

- Private Facebook group with active weekly support

Apply Now Button(1).png

- 6 months of group mentoring & 1-1 coaching

- 2 monthly x 45 min sessions 1-1 with Steena

- 2 monthly LIVE group video class sessions (90 min)

- Exclusive meditations, rituals, prayers, and more

- Private Facebook group with active weekly support

PLUS: Messenger/e-mail support with Steena Mon-Fri

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Space for Royalty is extremely limited due to the high level of one on one support given.

- 6 months of group mentoring & 1-1 coaching

- 2 monthly x 45 min sessions 1-1 with Steena

- 2 monthly LIVE group video class sessions (90 min)

- Exclusive meditations, rituals, prayers, and more

- Private Facebook group with active weekly support

PLUS: Messenger/e-mail support with Steena Mon-Fri

PLUS: First Month Divine Deep Dive Intensive


FIRST MONTH Divine Deep Dive Intensive Includes:

+ 60 min intensive session (in addition to 2 x 45min)

+ Full Body Chakra Balancing energy alignment

+ Weekly Kinesiology Emotional Release Clearings (4 total)

EXCLUSIVE EXTRA: The High Priestess Blessings Bundle Mailed to Your Doorstep!

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BONUS #1: Wonder Wom(b)an: Feminine Lineage and Legacy Healing

Heal generations of shame, disconnection, fear, and persecution from your feminine lineage that are running energetic programs in the background of your life. Unresolved drama and wounds in this area cloud our ability to know our enoughness, wholeness, power, and pleasure in our lives and work.. In this healing you’ll enter a deep state of meditation to reveal the women who have come before you and suffered for simply being powerful women. My clients have felt restoration of broken connections with mothers they never knew, childhood abandonment wounds healed, and past lives and generations power reclaimed through this healing journey. Includes training on the energetics of the womb, pelvic bowl, feminine/masculine DNA, and birth. Break the cycle of generational pain and reclaim feminine power down to the DNA in every cell of your being!

Value: $497
Impact: Deeply heal cellular feminine blocks keeping your from receiving like a divine, powerful woman!


BONUS #2: Period Love Revolution Course

Stop the PMS rollercoaster and menstrual pain to take your period from dreadful to divine.

In this 5 module course you’ll learn how to:
- Follow your OWN monthly cycle for optimal energy, creativity, and focus
- Integrate your body cycles with moon cycles for optimal emotional release and balance
- Nourish your body throughout the month to minimize cramping, bloating, and moodiness
- Love your sensual, feminine body - even when you’re on your period!

Value: $697
Impact: Reclaim your life from the black hole of PMS so you can slay YOUR way every day!


BONUS #3: Creatrix Pleasure Energy Matrix: Master Your Masculine and Feminine Energy Integration

Unleash deep feminine power to experience pleasure and creativity like never before. As you learn the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy with a fresh new perspective - you’ll begin to find play and integration within yourself, with your partner, AND as you create in the world. This integration guides you in restoring flow between the masculine and feminine energy in the root and sacral chakras for juicy groundedness and openness to receive. Say goodbye to resistance and self-sabotage! Create your own energy matrix to fully embody your own feminine AND masculine energy with grace, ease, and inspiration.

Value: $397
Impact: Burn-out proof your creative energy flow - priceless!


BONUS #4: My Sacred Week: Channel Your Time and Energy Like a  High Priestess

Planning can feel like a chore and leave you stuck in a box of robotic instructions for your future - ICK! Time to leave that behind ASAP. In My Sacred Week, you’ll learn how to channel your time and energy from a deep place of divine guidance with a focused and juicy mindset. You’ll receive the exact methods, tools, and most importantly questions to ask yourself and the Divine DAILY to plan your weeks for a nourished life rhythm. This is a system and structure that infuses femininity, self-care, desires, and manifestation into practical action. Vision your week from a sacred visionary downloads and leave force and control behind for good.

Value: $497
Impact: Saturate your soul in the juicy vision of your abundant week!


BONUS #5: 4 Sacred Soulset Audio Infusions

Create your own rituals to take your mindset work one step further - soul set. Feel gold pulsing through your veins and shine from that divine spark within you.

1) Personal Priestess Power Chakra Alignment - Feel the true vibration of your personal power by opening your chakras and full-body energy channels for the ultimate energy grounding and connection to the divine.

2) Emotional Alchemy Embodiment - Fully embody your emotional experiences for freedom and release from clingy energy and empathic triggers.

3) Vixen Pleasure Saturation Visualization - Orgasmic pleasure filling every cell of your being… on command. This is the perfect visualization to practice if you’re feeling resistance to sexual intimacy OR even to set your vibration at the beginning of the day!

4) A Woman of Golden Worth Renewal - Tune in to your TRUE worth as determined by the Divine. Invoke your radiance and feel your shine as you refresh your body, mind, and soul with ultimate worthiness.

Value: $297
Impact: Juicy Priestess rituals on autopilot!



Available only to early-bird High priestesses


Can I upgrade to a higher tier after I sign up?

Yes. As long as there are spaces available you may pay the difference between the two tiers and upgrade during your 6 month contract.

What if I hold certain religious beliefs? Will this conflict?

This is entirely a personal choice. I am a Christian and have personally found that connecting to Spirit fully, developing my intuition, and embodying my spirituality and calling has brought me immense clarity in hearing, knowing, and seeing the Divine God in everything that I do. The High Priestess work we are exploring here is not an ordaining or joining of an order of anything (you may find such programs out there but that's not what we're here for)! The High Priestess is a feminine archetype that is present in all women. This program is not based on a certain religious doctrine, and women of all faiths are welcome to hold this sacred space with mutual respect and honoring.

Why is this called a business journey? Is this business strategy and coaching?

This program is designed to support entrepreneurs on their soul journey as they run successful businesses. This is not a business strategy program where we’ll lay out your sales funnel. We will, however, do the deep inner work associated with many of the common struggles of an entrepreneur and that will allow for upleveling with ease and grace, clarity of purpose, mindset, energetic and emotional embodiment, self-care, and visioning.

What makes this program different than others?

This program supports you in energetically, spiritually, and vibrationally shifting in your life and divine work. Many other business strategy programs or courses will claim to support you on a mindset, spirituality, and soul level, but do not really deliver. Having a space that is entirely focused on your emotional, spiritual, mindset, and soul wellbeing means that you will create a rock solid foundation for your ultimate expression and success and be able to follow through with and see epic results with plans, systems, structures, and strategy that you’re putting in place for your business whether on your own or with other external support.

You've made it this far... are you ready for
High Priestess Resurrection?