Do you have a sense that there's something DEEPER going on under the surface of your emotional stress, fear, lack of confidence, physical pain, relationship struggle, sexual resistance, or lack of clarity in your life?

It may seem that no matter what you try to fix that nagging issue in your life... change just doesn't STICK... and so YOU remain stuck!

With emotional release energy work, we can tune in to your subconscious - the greatest storage system of all time - and find out exactly what emotional events may be contributing to your current struggle through the use of muscle testing.

Amazingly this can be done in person or across the globe just as successfully with no hinderance to the accuracy or results!



"I have had the feeling that certain health problems of mine can not be solved even though I am leading a very healthy lifestyle.Since I live in Germany, Steena held a remote healing session (without even a call!).

The result was astonishing! I have had sinus problems since I was a young girl and beginning with the session I had the feeling that my sense of smell began to improve.

If you are as curious as I am about alternative healing methods, I can recommend giving it a try, it helped me!"

 - Anna S.


Emotional Release can help support your innate ability to heal when you're struggling with:

  • persistent back/joint pain

  • stubborn weight gain

  • indigestion, heartburn, etc.

  • breathing trouble and asthma

  • sexual issues, low libido, etc.

  • infertility and loss

  • menstrual cycle irregularities

  • painful periods and PMS

  • work stress and fatigue

  • romantic struggles

  • social anxiety

  • lack of clarity in your life purpose

  • inability to set boundaries

  • grief from losing a loved one


*NOTE: Emotional Release does not diagnose illness and disease or serve as medical treatment. This work will address energetic imbalances in the body and restoring this flow will support your body's innate ability to heal. Please take responsibility see your physician for proper medical support with your condition as necessary. 



How do emotions get stuck in the body?


Whenever we have an emotional experience that is tinged with shame, that we feel we must hide, that isn't safe for us to express, or that we don't know how to express, we can experience a lodged energy in the body.

This can happen anytime from when you're in your mothers womb to just minutes ago now. We can also carry emotional baggage from our parents and past generations much in the same way we carry our DNA from generations past. The matter we're made of is literally buzzing energy and so are the emotions we hold in our bodies.

Through this simple process of uncovering and identifying the emotion in a safe space, your body will allow this energy to release. As needed, I am able to use magnetic energy (literally just a magnet or my hands - we're made of magnetic energy!) to assist in aligning your energy field with this release to facilitate an easy, nourishing, healing experience.

Your body is releasing the emotional CHARGE and trigger from every affected cell. This means you do not have to talk about it in order to process the release and your memory isn't wiped from the event that occurred - it simply shifts the way you now related to it and operate on an energetic and emotional level. 



  1. First you'll purchase your session package and then book in your first session.

  2. On the day of the session I'll tune in to your energy and use muscle testing to ask your subconscious what emotional energy that has been lodged in the body is ready to be released.

  3. After identifying the emotion I will also identify the age it occurred at and any other relevant information (location in the body, people, places, and situations related to the event). Each emotion is unique in how your body is holding it and so sometimes more information is needed to properly release the emotion and other times just the age is enough.

  4. You'll receive an emailed report of your session with further instructions on self care and booking your next session!

  5. You'll enjoy the freedom and revitalizing energy released during your session.



"Thank you for your release session, Steena! It has lifted an emotional weight from my life that has bogged myself and my family down for sometime. It has opened up the next gateway to work on, which has been causing me to pile on so much weight in a short period of time. Thank you!!!"

- Rebekah Shearer


"None of the ages or emotions from my session with Steena triggered me afterwards... I'm guessing this is because she did such a good job unblocking them!!

I've started the task of decluttering my house,  which I've been putting off for years! An old school friend came back into my life and offered to help me declutter after I had her to stay for the weekend.  Such huge progress I could hardly have imagined a few weeks ago!"

- Fay M.


A few more success stories....

"I experienced an Emotional Release session with Steena recently and was amazed by the information that came up, several elements were also highlighted in my life just before and after the session.  The information felt very focused and relevant, and I feel that the energy work really made a difference to my emotional and physical wellbeing."

 - Angela W.


"My little one's extreme spitting up the last few days Is down about 75% after working with Steena. Woot woot!"

 - Janine K.


"I had Steena do remote clearings for myself and my three children aged 14, 12 and 10.

I was interested to see how all three of them have inherited negative feelings from their father, and to some extent from me as well. It was a relief to know that these blocks have been cleared away forever!

Since the healings, I have seen a change in my children. My eldest daughter is a lot more self confident and no longer sees herself as a victim or 'unpopular.' And with that change in herself has come lots of social invitations from her friends, old and new, which for me as her Mum is fantastic to see.

My son has suffered all his life with anxiety and panic and he too has found a new air of confidence. He is a lot happier and we see him smiling, laughing and kidding about as a ten year old boy should do, rather than fretting and worrying all the time about school and doing anything new or out of the ordinary.

What pleases me most about these clearings is how by clearing one person, other family members can also be cleared as well without even realising it.  I have seen a subtle change in my husband and my parents as we all heal and grow together.

I would highly recommend working with Steena. She is a gentle, kind and caring woman who is sensitive to achieving the best for each individual. Her reports are clear and interesting to read and she is happy to answer any questions and queries you may have about the report or your healing session."

 - Sarah Flanagan


"I recently had an Emotional Release session with Steena Brown, and had a great experience! I didn't fully understand exactly how it worked when I signed up, but as a Highly Sensitive Woman I am constantly working with emotional stuff and was happy to try something new. The e-mail I received explained everything so well, and was easy to understand. The emotions she got to were categorized in relation to some symptoms I was having, and I was surprised to see emotions that I didn't recognize I was experiencing often until I saw them written down. Wow. I'm happy to release these :) Thank you, Steena!"

 - Ashley W. 


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