All profits come from sales — SHOCKER, I know.

But…how many times have you forgotten what SALES are really made of and left profits on the table because you just weren’t able to convert your eager leads into cashed-in profits?

Sales come from words.

Sales come from YOUR words.

Sales come from YOUR words


When you connect with potential clients through emotional, connective, conversational copy, you get into their heads, into their hearts, and create space for a soul-led decision on whether or not to buy from you. As a online coach, teacher, or facilitator who values impact and has a high standard of ethics it’s crucial that every part of your work and sales process aligns with the true power of sales, not with forced sales made out of fear and shame.

However, most of what I see online is domineering, one-way copy.

As a customer, being spoken AT feels like is a huge turn off. It leaves your leads feeling shamed into a sale (that will almost definitely not lead to epic results for them or an epic client for you). When you shift your copy into an energy of engagement, you get to co-create a HELL YES to what you have to offer alongside your leads. This type of communication builds relationships that keep consistent, potent profits flowing in your business.

Drop the power play, and let’s get raw.

No one wants to read the same sales page for the 100th time, read your list of flashy promises that sound like every other online guru, and be left wondering what makes you any different.

Using your stories and your raw authentic voice to SHOW instead of TELL your potential clients how you can help them creates deep rapport almost instantly. They can feel your soul, your truth and the rich service you have to whole-heartedly offer them.

Every social media post, email, and website page is not just a representation of you as a brand, it is your cauldron of conversion.

With my copy alchemy clients, our mission is to clearly articulate YOUR voice and message through sales. I take raw audio, video, or our sessions together and turn them into copy gold.

I offer weekly blog/email content writing packages as well as full funnel copy packages (landing page, tripwire, upsell, emails, fb ads).

To see if we’re a fit to work together, please choose an appointment time below, following you’ll answer a few questions for me, and then we’ll have a chat about what you’re launching and how my copy alchemy fits into your diabolical plans.

*Note on Investment: My copy services are offered as monthly email packages or full funnel packages. The most basic packages I offer are $1k-2k and my other services range from there up to my platinum funnel packages around $10k+. Your needs are fully considered before a project quote is delivered. If you are not ready and serious about making an investment in your business, come on back another time and in the meantime you might want to check out my 14-day funnel frenzy guide to writing your own fabulous copy.