Who are you, anwyay?

Trust. Truth. Presence.

What if... for your "New Year" planning you stopped for a moment and instead of asking what you NEED in 2017, simply as... Who am I NOW?

Who are you, love?


Are you fear?

Are you resistance?

Are you lack?

Are you needy?

Are you separate?

Are you unworthy?

Are you uncertainty?

I'd say not. But what happens when you feel these? Do they become you?


When fear crops up, planning and strategy have shit to say.

When resistance plays games, no to-do list holds the antidote.

When you believe the lack, feel the neediness, and separate yourself from your true path... logic and spinning in your own thoughts bring back nothing to fulfill.

When unworthiness thwarts your slay - it is never healed with striving, with the number in your bank account, or a thousand affirmations from your partner.

When uncertainty rears it's head the fog isn't cleared by force.

Who are you? Who WILL you BE?

What is the I Am within you?

As you sit with this... holding your I Am... feeling your being...

Notice the heat, the spark, the knowing coming from deep within.

A place that is untouched by doing, achieving, and getting MORE.

This is the home of your divine spark. Your Truth. Where presence bridges the gap between mind and Spirit.

This is who you are.

Maybe you've struggled to feel it...

Maybe you've made an iron jail of your emotional triggers and ego mutterings...

Maybe you're pushing ahead, hard, following formulas and trying to put all the pieces together...

But you still know underneath it that you simply ARE more.

What is keeping you from living from HERE?

Living and speaking your truth?

Releasing the fear, the unworthiness, the separation?

I know for me the white knuckling grip came from all of my own stories. The energetic baggage I packed up and hauled around.

It was that time in fifth grade I didn't get a goodie bag in the puberty class.

It was the too-perfectness of all A’s, the internal pressure to measure up, the need to always win.

It was that time in sixth grade that I was embarrassed as shit to be asked to a dance by a boy.

It was that time when I learned that being smart and good meant you were watched under a microscope and made an example by teachers when you so much as stepped ON the line let alone over it.

It was that time I dated a boy four years my senior and felt a rush of flattery, confusion, drama, and attraction I couldn’t explain but definitely could feel guilty about and fear.

It was that time I was touched inappropriately by a adult in my school classroom and though my parents listened and fought not a single administrator would HEAR.

It was that time I shared a deep, divine message and prophecy only to have it fall on deaf ears.

It was the perfectionism, the practicalities, and the shoved-into-a-corner creativity.

It was generations of women before me who played the part, hid their miraculous selves, and covered their bodies, minds, and souls with blankets of shame.

It was the “failed” natural birth.

It was the aborted associates degree one class shy of completion.

It was the art degree and design career I wondered “what if” about for years.

As I cleared and released the power of these stories over me and radically shifted the meaning of them I found something.

I found who I was.

And layer by layer I healed.

Never for the sake of healing. But for the sake of something even better.

To know.

To feel my purpose and calling so deeply it takes my breath away at times.

To share Love.

To shine a light that calls every person around me into an experience of their own divine connection.

To inspire people to THINK different, renew their minds, and see their own true power.

To embody truth.

Who am I?

I am trust. I am truth. I am presence.

I am sacred space.


Who are you?

What is holding you back?

What external solutions are you trying to shove into the gap? What emotional drama are you stubbornly basking in? What frustration is overtaking you?

Knowing WHAT to do in your life or business won’t lay the foundation, won’t bring the healing and miracles, won’t show you your light.

Will you BE sacred space for yourself? Will you BE and COME into your grounded, open, giving, receiving, luscious, fierce self?

Renew your mind.

Use your power.

Own your Self.

Resurrect. Live.

And act from here. Motivate from here. Inspire from here. Create from here.

Instead of asking what you need in 2017 to make your year a better one than 2016, ask yourself who you are now and what she is going to do to sink, flow, and feel into that on ever level.

This is a journey. Made of soul work and mind renewal and radiant embodiment. And not one you have to dive into alone.

You wouldn't hire a web designer because you’re completely incapable of making a website.

You wouldn’t hire a photographer because you can’t click a shutter.

You wouldn’t hire a funnel expert because you can’t link a few emails together and run an ad.

You hire them because while you are capable, they simply are not YOUR art, not something you want to spend hundreds of hours trying to figure out… and because you know you deserve a Picasso.

As it is with a spiritual teacher, coach, and healer… someone who sees, holds, and manifests your glory with you.

Who grabs a shovel as you grab yours and does the deep digging required to uncover your gold.

Your sacred worth. Your divine mindset. Your priestess truth.

Holy yes. That shit is good. So good.

If you’re ready to dive in, go deep, and do the dynamic work that is the river beneath you carrying your success, your visibility, your voice, and your energetic embodiment… let’s talk.

I have a limited number of 1-1 private coaching spaces open for driven, visionary women who are ready to release the patterns of sabotage and resistance to fully reclaim their divine connection, worth, and truth to revolutionize their life, relationships, and business like a badass feminine high priestess.

Set up a (totally free) consult here if this is you: steenamarie.com/apply or PM with any questions, love.

❤️ Steena