When you say “no” are you sneakily looking for validation and approval? Here’s the litmus test...

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When you GET who you are and how you relate to others (i.e. truly understand your own sexuality) every relationship in your life changes. Romantic, platonic, or professional — your connections require deep embodiment of yourself if you want success that doesn’t topple at the slightest wobble of disapproval or disappointment from someone else.

Money can’t buy you great relationships, but great relationships will fuel the creation of every one of your desires.

I am currently opening space for 1:1 individual and couple coaching clients. It’s been almost a year since I’ve done this as I’ve focused on other work and my own relationship growth. But, babe, now it’s time. The fire is fresh 😉 Click HERE to apply and we’ll have a chat about what our work together would look like.