The Power of NOW in Manifestation

What if we talked about the future like it was memories we had from the past?

All jumbled up together like it was all reality? Yummy….

Yes...if we talked about our future with the certainty with which we talk about our past then we would be considered insane because some of the things wouldn’t happen exactly the way that we imagined them for the future.

Interestingly, the way we remember the past has a similar rate of failure and inaccuracy, but with much more certainty in our own perception of it.

The most powerful manifestations in life come from being all-in in THIS moment. Not from trying to fix the past or make the future fixed, either. Make memories now. Day dreams, and visions, and night dreams, and fantasies, and gratitude…so that the past and future DO in fact become all jumbled up in your present reality, where you have ultimate creative agency.

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