That feeling like you'll never fit in... it's glorious.

They are the curious type. The hunters who know there is always another hunt, always another hunger. They refuse to be the ones being chased. Should they choose to play prey… it is a game for good fun… they are still completely in control of themselves.


The women and men who I work with - who are part of this fierce lion/lioness pride - NEVER expect to be DONE doing the work. They are whip-smart and emotionally intelligent… yet the only thing they KNOW for certain is that they will always have more to LEARN.

Even though in their core they can FEEL their soul-fire burning… they know it could burn bigger, brighter, hotter. 

They are the insatiable. The wild. The rebel hearted. The souls who never settle, who alchemize every low into a high and every story into glory and every failure into flourishing.

When conflict arises, they choose embodiment, they hold space, they commune within themselves, they communicate with others.

When life gets uncomfortable they pause, tune in, ask questions, and move with and through their emotions to clarity.

When they’re on the edge of giving up, the last shred of their wild inner voice, higher self, divinity says… “Enough is enough. There is another way, and I will make it myself.”

They know when they say “make it myself” they really mean - I will find my lion pride. I will roar and my sisters and brothers will come. I will ask for what I need, I will resurrect my power, and I will unapologetically embody my desires and make manifest my visions.

Potent, focused action comes from a woman or man who is willing to not only read and feel the resonance of my words, but who comes into their OWN presence, falls at their OWN feet, worships the ground THEY walk on, and is completely their own QUEEN/KING… without any thought of competing with another.

This isn’t a nice theory. Working with your sexual power and moving into the next conception and birth of you is not something you toy with the idea of.

It is a YES or it is a NO. 

Can you handle your own expression? Will you support your own truth? Are you ready to trust yourself again?

I GET IT - this decision will bring up ALL of your unworthiness, your fear of intimacy, your aversion to pleasure, your guilt around investing in yourself emotionally, energetically, and financially (on ANY level), your feelings that you don’t deserve to live in such emotional luxury, the unsafely of being deeply nourished and loved.

You will THINK you SHOULD say YES so you can feel good about saying yes to yourself… but you’re afraid you’ll let yourself down again.

You will THINK you SHOULD say NO so you can stay comfy… but you’ll dread the feeling of guilt for blatantly abandoning yourself again.

No more thinking about it. No more should-ing on yourself. Recognize where you’re rehearsing an old story. 

Decide which one you’re going to rewrite… and respond from there - in total integrity, accepting the dynamics, consequences, and rewards of your path.

It’s time for the hunt. Our souls are hungry. Are you coming?

<3 Steena Marie 

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