Parents. Partners. Mentors. Friends. Colleagues...

I'm going to be really blunt here: GET USED TO IT...

GET USED TO LETTING GO... Cutting the cords. Pulling OUT of the $#@-show of relationship slavery.


Stop the stories about how your family will judge you, how lonely you'll be without your "friends," and everything you'll "lose" by letting go. I'm sure in that "what I'll lose" list you're forgetting the co-dependency, manipulation, and perfectionism-paralysis you're really saying NO to.

Complacency and unsupportiveness have no place in your life... if you plan on expanding into the FULL, UNINHIBITED, UNAPOLOGETIC version of you.

What relationship are you currently CLINGING to? Where are you looking, over and over again, for your self-worth, validation, and empowerment... never to be satisfied? Where are you trying to OUTSOURCE what should be found in your INNER-SOURCE?

What is the TRUE COST of clinging?

Looking beyond what you THINK you'll lose by letting this relationship go... What is the TRUE LOSS?

I believe it's your integrity.
Your passion.
Your vision.
Your life force. 
Your happiness.

What is it that you're truly losing by CLINGING to relationships that are no longer serving you?


It IS self-seeking. Seeking yourself.

When you ALLOW yourself to be repeatedly sucked into relationships where there is no mutual benefit, no building up of each other, no deeper connection... you can easily forget WHO YOU ARE.

You stop seeking yourself and start seeking the approval of someone else.

You ABANDON yourself.

You FORGET your power.

You CANNOT contribute your gifts, your truth, your magic to the world... because it's no longer what matters most.

You've let it go... instead of letting the relationship go.

How can you possibly SHOW UP and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH when you're dawdling in the shadows of relationships that are self-LESS... completely LACKING you?! And who REALLY wants to have a friend, a client, a coach, a spouse, a mother, or a father who is so empty of themselves that they have become but a shell of obligation, people pleasing, and fear of judgment?


Not me, for one.

I want YOU. All of you. All of HER.

Let us see you, hear you, like you, love you, praise you, serve you, be served BY you, and laugh at the fun of it all.

When you let go of a toxic relationship... it's really not just a PERSON you're letting go of - it's an inner paradigm.

You release your need to be prey.

Your programmed pattern of victimhood.

Your "good girl" story.

It's time for MORE, don't you agree?

Time to shine, radiate, and receive like a QUEEN.

This is no ordinary life you're living. It's a divine one. It's a dance. And you deserve to relish it for all it's worth.

And that's a lot.



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