Go fuck yourself... No, really.

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A good fuck today would be a mighty nice thing and why the hell would you want to wait around for a man to give that to you?

I know, your partner loves you. I know he loves having sex with you. I know he'd probably fuck you right now if you so much as said, "boo!"

The thing is, intercourse isn't the only path to pleasure and masturbation isn't just a substitute for sex with your partner... it's an act of intimacy with your Self.

Bringing your body pleasure... touching... caressing... stroking...

Is a divine way to get completely present with you.


Fuck yourself when he's home and you're "napping."

Fuck yourself when you have a few minutes alone in the bathroom.

Fuck yourself when you're lying in bed next to him... and he's already asleep.

Fuck yourself when you’re lying in bed next to him... and he's wide awake.

Arouse HER.

Awaken HER.

Feel HER.


When I started to explore masturbation, I was young - 14 to be exact. My boyfriend at the time asked me if I ever touched myself... and I was shocked.

Girls can touch themselves, too?

I had no idea.

Sure, I knew that boys "jerked off" but - girls?!

It only took a bit of (top secret) internet searching to learn a bit more... the rest was just experimenting.

And that "top secret" searching didn't end up being so top secret after all. My parents confronted me and asked if I had searched for masturbation on the computer.

"No," I said simply. This... was one of the only times I lied to my parents face in my life.

Why did I feel the need to lie?



The overwhelming desire to hide my sexuality from anyone who'd think it made me dirty, wrong, bad, a whore, a slut, a skank...

What did it mean about me?

What did it mean that I was curious about my own pleasure?!?!


Why was that not okay?

Well, I may never fully unpack the intricacies and emotions of my 14-year old self, but I can create a new pleasure paradigm right now.

So can you.

Expansion. Pleasure. Creation.

This is where it's at.

When is the last time you worshiped at the altar of your own divinity?

When is the last time you washed your body with waves of pleasure?

When is the last time you felt... really FELT your body surge with sensations you could scarcely put into words… WITHOUT A MAN?

There is ZERO shame in enjoying your body. Loving your body. Touching your body. Knowing HER.

In fact, I'd be proud of that sexy vessel if I were you.

I'd sway my hips a little more as I walked down the hall at my kids' school.

I'd smile a little wider at that cute cashier at Whole Foods.

I'd laugh with a little more abandon at the corny dad jokes your husband tells at dinner.

I'd sleep a little deeper... letting go into the abyss where pleasure reigns and the power between your hips runs free.

If you've never gotten really friendly with yourself... today is a great day to begin.

Take it slow. Explore. Get to know your pelvic bones, your inner thighs, your outer labia. Tease HER, tempt HER, get her WET.

No pressure. Just pleasure. Just unapologetic love.

Orgasm is a bonus. Fucking yourself isn't about victory or achieving a goal.

It's just about YOU communing with YOU... feeling the divine beneath your fingertips, rising to command praise and receive the most exquisite touch.

SHE thanks you… And you're welcome.

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