Former Good Girls Unite!

Listen to my interview on In Her Voice with Kelly Covert. Here are a few of Kelly's show notes. You can find full episode details here:
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Here are a few of the big topics we talked about:

  • How I went from a very good girl, to learning how to fully embracing my deviant, bad boy energy.

  • I share my fantasy of turning a bad boy, good

  • My book “Worship Her

  • Perfectionism can safely play a role in some areas of our life, and not in others.

  • Learning how to choose your priorities and being integrity with yourself

  • V-Power - vagina, voice and visibility - can help us shift how we speak our truth and show up in the world.

  • When you’re actually in power, sex doesn’t have to necessarily be separate from your business.

  • The process of self-massage

In Steena's Voice:

“We all have a different kind of perfectionism.”

“I find that there is so much stigma around sexually pleasuring ourselves that most women can barely give themselves a platonic massage."

“Tuning into this deep power in our vagina and in the sacral space, we find that there is this deep well of confidence and magnetism and allure and just this magic that we each have.”

“We have to take care of ourselves first and then we can start moving into action that will put out this power."

“We’ve been in this really intense birth process, and it’s time to expand and go out in the world and really start to serve even more.”