the truth about the new year: How to fully own and embody 2016 to create a powerful priestess mindset and manifesting vision for 2017


Pretty notebooks, folders, and office space - doesn't share your truth with the world or confirm your worth.

A gym membership, new workout clothes, and dreams of a tighter tummy - doesn't heal your emotional triggers and wounds that you'll be dragging into the next year.

Money goals, funnels, and strategy - won't sustain your feminine embodiment, spiritual connection, or miraculous mindset for the next 12 months.

Getting organized... planning... and resolving for a bigger and better 2017 just isn't enough to create massive momentum into the new year.




You have everything within you that you need to fully express, create, and manifest your divine life already.

But you can't feel it... yet.

When I look at my calendar for the next year, what I see is possibility, creativity, and opportunity to embody Spirit more fully. To lean into divine trust. To fall into miracles. To heal. To love.

You can bet that includes a shit ton of paradigm shifts, clearing away old shit, and rewriting the scripts playing in the background - for myself AND my clients.



This is the only way to sustain, nourish, and expand your epic success in 2017.

With a juicy, divine infusion of energy work, embodiment, emotional alchemy, and mindset rooted in Spirit - you have a unrivaled opportunity to create a year that is truly the best ever.

No amount of shielding your energy, fearing the worst, and taking on other people's crap is going to get you there, hun!

Are you ready to own your true feminine power?

Are you ready to call in your tribe? Share your message? Love on a slew of new clients? Fall asleep to the tune of financial peace instead of wrestling your inner fear gremlins nightly?

Will you let 2017 bring divine light to your shadow, empower your inner priestess, and release the ego bullshit for good?



You have to make the decision. You have to take a look at the map. You have to align and unleash your inner spark to stay the course of your calling without the subconscious saboteurs playing games with your mind, your heart, and your soul along the way.

Where are you going?

Have you got your compass?

Do you sense the direction and know the way?

Is your vision clear and your manifesting prowess on fire?

Your Weekly(1).png


What I've learned in 2016 is...

Commitment is everything.

Decisions are everything.

Frequency is everything.

Energy is everything.

At the start of the year I felt wobbly and unfocused... I tried to pursue EVERY idea I had with fervor and passion.

I burned myself the fuck out.

I wasn't cultivating a vivid vision. I wasn't always tuned in to my own manifesting, creating, divine feminine prowess.

When I was - watch out world! When I wasn't - it sometimes took me weeks to recover from an upleveling funk.

BUT - through it all I've come to a new level of mastery around my mindset, my spiritual connection, my psychic and intuitive abilities, and fully owning my gifts.

From THIS place I can love, serve, and show up in the world in an entirely different way.

Without constant fear. Without old beliefs playing in the background. Without my energy being spent on keeping up the subconscious habits and blocks keeping me from truly shining.

Take a moment and ask yourself - what am I going to OWN about 2016? What am I going to DECLARE and embody NOW as I receive this new year?


Chant your deceleration, my love. Feel your abundance NOW - not what you "need" 2017 to fix for you. This is all about the vibration of embodiment, receiving, and manifesting with a divine vision.

Here's what I wrote to myself this week:

I am a High Priestess of light. i am a lover, creator, friend, and wise woman. I nourish, I see, I call out.

I am a divine embodiment of Spirit.

I am whole.

My worth is determined by God - the most high, the deepest love, infallible infinite.

My worth has no end, no beginning - it simply IS. Just as the river is water, the sunlight is heat, and the earth is dirt - inseparable. One IS the other and together they create one thing, one expression.

I am the worthiness of God. Not on my own, not because of an effort or striving to earn - but because of my inheritance.

God does not pity me for who I am or have been.

God does not look upon me and see a sack of flesh empty of value or meaning.

Spirit simply expresses. Fills. Flows through. Nourishes. Expands. Radiates.

Through my voice, divine vibration is created.

Through my dance, divine movement.

Through my writing, divine words.

Through my partnership, divine union.

Through my work, divine healing.

All that I am and all that I express is sacred. Holy. Whole.


Feel it with me, gorgeous.

Soak every cell of your being with the divine wholeness and worthiness that is YOU. That you were created with to empower you on your path. To bring your mind and spirit into cooperation. To guide your feet in steps to success.

Are you ready to bring THAT frequency with you into 2017?

I want to encourage you to allow January to be a time of sinking into who you truly are, getting your foundations laid, and calling in the support you need.

You may even be reading this in January or well into 2017 - slow down. Take pause. Don't rush it.

Cast your vision, tune in to your true divine feminine frequency, and start HERE as you create, as you share, as you love in the world.

I want to invite you to take a step in committing to yourself. In creating rhythm, flow, and emotional alchemy to support you in RISING like hungry flames in the new year.

For a limited time, I'm offering a 2017 Manifesting Map Session where well assess your current energy, emotional state, and embodiment to bring a vivid vision into focus for your year that you can FEEL in your very being.

No more burn out. No more scrambling. No more creative distractions.

Let me tell you a bit more...



 - Your ascension-aligned 2017 Manifestation Map for visionary priestess clarity

 - Channeled inspired oracle word for the first six months of your year

 - Divine connection and groundedness full body chakra evaluation

 - Vibrational alignment and embodiment assessment and nourishment recommendations

 - Emotional Kinesiology scan for your current 3 top blocks

 BONUS: For continued divine downloads, integration, and optimal action taking you'll also receive my divine workbook guide Juicy Journaling: 17 Intuitive Alchemy Prompts for Epic Embodiment Now



 - You're in love with your business but ready for boundaries that won't burn you out (again) in 2017

 - You know you need deep inner work and mindset support but crave something soulful and spiritual in the mix

 - You're ready to look at the deeper layers of shizz holding you back from fully GIVING your gifts in the world and RECEIVING like a radical priestess in 2017

 - You rebel against plans, expectations, and boxes and need VISION and VIBRATION to kick you into gear for the new year



 - You want a robotic excel-spreadsheet outline of how to get from point A to point B in your life and business

 - You like hustling like a mofo to prove how badass you are (instead of owning your life and biz like a queen)

 - You're not really ready to take full responsibility for your results in 2017 (no need for a map if you don't want to go anywhere in particular, love)

v   v   v  

Have a divine day!

With fierce love,