Stand in your strength.

Stand in your power.

Lay out your boundaries with utmost love to all.

Call in the Divine to support you.

Refuse to give authority to people who couldn't give a shit less about what is for your highest good (and therefore the highest good of all) on your life path.

The wind will blow and the earth may quake beneath you but nothing... NOTHING... can shake the star-stuff, magic, magnetic, Spirit-vibes, God-love you are made of.

Choose to REMEMBER your holiness today.


LIVE as the sacred ground you are.

LET NO patriarchal, codependent, suppressive b.s. drama taint that.

Allow only truth and love to flourish in your body and life.

Fear is an illusion.

Attack is an illusion.

Lack is an illusion.

You were woven by the hands of God.

You were created for good, compassion, love, and total creative ecstasy.

Do. Not. Fucking. Compromise.

All the baggage, the burdens, the hangups, the cords... they have got to GO if you want to truly show up as the artist, healer, mother, woman, wife, entrepreneur, lover, sister, visionary that you ARE.

Cut it off.

Release it.

Stare. It. Down.

And feel your own holy daring-ness rise as you reclaim the goddess priestess mystical woman you are here to be.



It's the ONLY way your light will send true change into the world, heal your soul, and bring the collective along with you.

No more hiding, no more wishy-washy.

No more doubting your spiritual gifts.

No more disconnection from the Divine.

No more sexual shame.

No more shut down pussy.

No more resistance to your own pleasure.

No more religious dogma.

No more fighting yourself about what's proper and acceptable.

No more waiting for permission.

No more suffocating in perfectionism.

No more less than, not enough drama.

Your time is NOW.



<3 Steena Marie


P.S. I'm clearly feeling FIERCE AF today and I have some time open on my calendar this next week. Book in your free consult here: and we’ll map out exactly how I can support you in your life and biz ascension in a soul to soul chat. Bonus today - you get the fire power pulsing through my veins at your service! Ha! <3