{Part 2} 7 Major Consciousness Blocks I Cleared In Order to Own My Voice… even when I was scared as shizz!

Last week I shared with you THREE of the 7 Major Consciousness Blocks I Cleared In Order to Own My Voice… even when I was scared as shizz. You can find Part 1 HERE if you missed it last week!

This week we’re finishing off with the last four blocks. This is POWERFUL stuff and you might even want to grab a pen and paper to write down what comes up for you as you read!

Here we go…


#4: “Past Lives"

I’m going to be totally real with you, this is where things get weird.

If you haven’t a CLUE what I’m talking about when I say “past lives” don’t worry. The first time someone explained them to me I was thrown for a loop.

I had posted in a Facebook group to ask if anyone had experienced a struggle with their religion (or fear of judgement from certain friends in a church) conflicting with their path as an intuitive or healer.

A sweet woman reached out to me and offered some intuitive guidance… suggesting that there may have been a “past life” issue around it. She was a psychic herself and she shared an entire story with me about what she saw.

All I can say is that it absolutely brought me to tears and was, present day, exactly what I felt and was going through at the time – just in a different time period. She explained that she saw me as this magical healer who was persecuted by the church for being different and having these gifts…

It was still a stretch for me to think I had been actually re-incarnated or lived another life, but I could understand that I somehow had inherited this trauma since I had several midwives in my lineage and historically midwives were killed for being “witches.

Still today, I don’t view “past lives” as a literal re-incarnation, but I have seen this old, stagnant energy being cleared totally open doors for myself and my clients and remove deep, visceral fear triggers that don’t have any logical experiential roots.

Do you find that you’re stuck or triggered around being intuitive, a healer, or otherwise magical in ways that don’t make sense to you?


#5: Doubt

Heaps. Of. Doubt.

And allllll of the wrong questions.

Mind-dizzying and intuition nauseating questions like… Am I right? What if I’m wrong? How do I know if that’s my intuition for REAL? Am I just imagining things? What’s the difference between imagination and intuition anyway? Could this just be my ego? Who am I to be intuitive or psychic? What makes me special enough to know anything out of the “ordinary?”

And no, I’m not over here reading your mind – it’s just the REALITY of exploring your intuition.

Yes, it gets better. No, I don’t think it ever 100% goes away.

For me, it was run of the mill uncertainty and worry that I would listen to myself only to be let down or that I would trust the wrong voice or answer.

I felt like I just didn’t have the guidance or the example of confidence that showed me how to deal with this doubt and for me it cropped up the MOST when I actually reached out a hand to help someone and began to use that intuitive muscle.

Doubt was a MAJOR hindrance to me finding true alignment and confidence.

When do you feel doubt start to plague you the most? Is it when you first hear or feel an intuitive pull, or is it when you try to ACT on divine guidance? What is it about owning your divinity that feels scary? How does it feel that this is a part of your TRUTH?


#6: Holding my Tongue

I know it’s really popular to tell women to say “no” more often, but what I preach now and what my real struggle was before – was knowing when to shout my YES from the rooftops

My voice, and my YES were held in and pushed down by no one other than myself for far too long.

I thought if I just held my tongue, didn’t ask the uncomfortable questions, and played the role of being the good girl that I knew so well, that things would be okay.

Maybe if I just held my tongue I’d feel comfortable… because everyone around me would feel comfortable.

My voice was choked out. I couldn’t get what I needed or desired in my relationship with myself, with God, or even my husband. I cut myself off from my true voice.

The big block and realization for me here came when I noticed that my writing was good, but wasn’t always reflecting ME. I wasn’t poetic when I wanted to be, sassy when I wanted to be, and I felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t swear… ever. I noticed that I was trying to say all of the RIGHT things instead of saying what I truly needed to express.

I found that in order to honor my intuition and fully be IN my own body, present in every moment, I had to use my voice to EXPRESS myself openly.

When I held my tongue, nothing could possibly CHANGE for me.

Where are you blocking your voice, your writing, your expression and keeping yourself in the “right” zone instead of in your YES zone?


#7: Shame

By far, the biggest block I’ve experienced and the thing I run in to with almost every single one of my clients is this one – SHAME.

As a kid, I was never grounded and several of my most vivid memories in school come from the handful of times I was ever reprimanded. I even immediately and nervously confessed to my mom once that no parents had been at my friend’s house (when I had been told by said friend that they would be). I had a guilty conscience like none other.

I never wanted to be misunderstood, wrong, or in trouble.

We all have this instinct within us. This desire to be seen, heard, understood, valued, and worthy.

Whether we’re verbally told we aren’t one of these things or there’s a strongly implied rule we have to follow to be accepted, we hold on to shame.

Shame is this: covering.

Shame says “I’m wrong, I need to be hidden.”

And in our hiding, we shiver. We shake. We cower.

We rehearse the lines we’ve heard or made up in our minds about being invisible, drowned out in the noise, unimportant, wrong, worthless, and unwanted.

For me, shame came in the way, specifically, of my intuition being some sort of unparalleled evil.

To be clear, this was never expressed to me by anyone verbally, I just felt that it needed to be covered so that I could remain outwardly accepted and safe.

When we fear our own intuition and shame ourselves for exercising it… we literally cover ourselves, our divine spark, and hold tight to our beliefs about what it means to just BE us.

When I covered up ME, I felt that claustrophobic, suffocating feeling in my very bones.

How has shame shown up in your life? What about your identity, truth, voice, and power makes you want to hide it away?




I know you're probably thinking that YOU can relate to so many of these and see how all of these show up for YOU and how they form this web of confusion, overwhelm, and doubt.

So, what will you DO with this new awareness?

How will you shift these blocks and what do you need to shift them IN to?

It’s time to stop desperately scurrying around and join me to learn how to flip each one of these blocks – and how you can clear any other blocks standing in the way of you fully knowing the power of your own intuition. I hear you...

You're ready take your truth and expression to the next level...

You're ready to own YOUR gifts fully to more fully serve your tribe...

You're ready for direction in your LIFE and BUSINESS that comes from WITHIN...

And you KNOW it's time to stop holding yourself back and OVERCOME the inertia of STUCK to get into aligned, compulsive, creative action again.

I have been where you are now, and I’ve flipped every one of these blocks standing in my way on my journey to owning my intuitive gifts and even finally admitting how POWERFUL and NEEDED my own gifts are in the world. What if you felt THAT confident too?

For me, doing this inner work has meant success and alignment in my spirituality, marriage, motherhood, AND finding that sweet spot with my purpose in the world.

Love, what you have now is AWARENESS... Gaining awareness is your FIRST step... but taking ACTION to do something about that is what comes next. 

I’d like to invite you into a sacred space for a {Complimentary} soul to soul chat where we can look at the areas you’re blocking your truth, voice, and feminine power and map out a plan for how to shift your life, work, and relationships into full-on fierce femme power.


Can’t wait to chat, love.

xox Steena