Are you sold on what you’re selling?

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No one is going to buy from you.

You're not going to make a sale.

That is...unless you are sold on YOU first.

I can't tell you how many times I review a woman's copy and start to ask her:

‘Who is the woman that you're really speaking to here? Who is the client that you really want to get with this offer, this landing page, this email? What are you really selling them?’

I have to ask these questions because their offer and copy is really not crystal clear on exactly what's being given, what's being offered, what's available to the potential client.

If a woman is uncertain of her answers to these questions and bashfully tells me that her clients are just ‘stuck’...we’ve got work to do.

When you know your clients and know who you are selling to, you feel it, because you are so sold on what you have to offer that you think the other person is crazy for not hiring you or buying it.

There is a deep conviction and fire that comes from truly being sold on yourself.

And you will know when you’ve got it this creative rage burning.

It moves you into action because you know that you have got to get out there and share your message, share your offers, and sell your services.

The realization that you’re leaving your dream clients suffering with a massive powerful.

You have the opportunity to really reach out to them and offer them a solution.

When you deeply understand and embody that solution only you can offer, they feel like you are reading their mind.

They feel like you know, and understand their problem on a level that they have not been able to be supported on and seen at before.

The irony with copy is that you're writing, you're speaking, you're being heard...but the person on the other end wants to feel seen, heard, and understood, too...

Which means that as you are writing, they actually want to feel like you are listening.

The secret to holding powerful space with your writing in this way is to get really good at the inner game of sales which is all about your energy, mindset, thoughts, emotions, the way you conduct yourself, the way you communicate, the way you make your choices, and the way you embody your power.

Your writing ultimately comes back to YOU. Your sexuality, your communication, your relationships, and really getting connected with your identity so that you can self-express.

But honestly, how many of us are sitting around thinking, ‘I just don't feel very self expressed today!’

No, it’s more likely that you or any other entrepreneur is thinking, ‘Why the hell didn't that person by this program, I know that it's perfect for them, and that it would solve their problems...yet they didn't buy it!’

It comes back to this conviction and the embodiment of your offer so that it is CLEAR that you are SOLD on yourself.

This doesn’t mean you have to judge or look down on anyone. Hard selling and pressure isn’t required.

All you need to do is have a solid understanding of the value and benefits of your work.

Ask yourself, am I really SOLD on what I am selling?

Get into the deep dirt around this.

DO something with this information.

ALLOW yourself to shift.

Create, move, and go get your delicious divine work out into the world.