You deserve deep, devoted support. But, I didn't have to tell you that, did I?

Let's take YOU to the next sexy level in your life, relationships, and work.

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When I discovered the power of releasing my past to get fully present HERE and NOW to become the woman I knew at my core I was - sassy, sexy, confident, and creative - magic really did happen in my life. Not the woo-woo kind... just the holy-shit how long have I been missing out on this juicy life kind. Not too shabby.

Sex became a joy instead of a chore, communicating with my husband reached a new level of clarity (no more nagging or hoping he would read my mind), and I rediscovered my own feminine power. As I support women and men in creating their true selves by releasing the past and becoming fully embodied in the present, I see no only their sex lives change, I see every relationship in their lives transform - especially the relationship they have with themselves. 

I'd love to get to know you a bit so we can decide if working together in a 1-1 container is the right next step for your journey. I only support four 1-1 clients at a time, so my clients do truly get a VIP service from me. I show up to fully support you, and what this work requires from you is the same. You get to step into a full-body hell-yes commitment to YOURSELF. That's what brings VIP results from this VIP support. 

First, you'll fill out the form below and then we'll hop on a {free} consult call to discuss exactly what it would look like for us to work together. 

Please note: If I feel we aren't a good fit to have a chat about working 1-1 together I'll gladly send you another resource or option that would be a better fit. This is not a free coaching call.


  • Have finally admitted - enough is enough - and you're committed to doing the inner work to reconnect with your sexuality and creative power to totally transform your life

  • Are ready to release old emotional baggage, beliefs, and paradigms that are keeping you repeating the same people-pleasing patterns over and over again

  • Understand the value of having someone else hold space for you on your journey and you're totally DONE doing it all alone


  • Are really unsure of your ability to RECEIVE the high level of love, support, and healing that I bring to my clients

  • Would like a magic bullet to your struggles - this program requires you to go all-in for YOU

  • Can't commit the time, attention, and resources needed to bring intimate support and guidance into your life


  1. YOU ARE EXPRESSING interest in working 1-1 in my 3 month program with me, Steena Marie by filling out the form below. This is NOT a contract by any means, however it is the first step in the process of discovering if we're a perfect fit to work together... Yum!!!

  2. IF YOU ARE NOT READY to seriously consider 1-1 work, please check out my monthly Worship HER Fan Club membership here:

  3. You'll receive an email within 24 hours (Monday-Friday EST) in reply to your application, and instructions to book your {FREE} consult call -OR- an alternative next step or resource for you if it doesn't feel like we're a perfect fit at this time. Either way, trust me, you will be totally supported!

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What are you struggling most with right now when it comes to your sexuality, connecting to yourself, your relationships, and work? *
What are you struggling most with right now when it comes to your sexuality, connecting to yourself, your relationships, and work?
Strongly Disagree = Not struggling at all Strongly Agree = Struggling with this a lot
Sexuality (pleasure, intimacy, sensuality, creativity, identity, self-awareness)
Relationships (sexual intimacy, communication, transition into or out of a relationship, parenting)
Voice & Visibility (your story and purpose, speaking your truth, owning your message, being on stage/video)
Body (embodiment, confidence, weight, diet/nourishment choices)
Decision Making (vision clarity, saying no, boundaries, follow through, leadership)
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