+++    W O R K    W I T H    M E    V. I. P.    +++

Be the scandal. Let them whisper.

You grew up learning to hide...and liberation from the shackles of shame takes (yummy) work. 

Living unapologetically for you, from your soul, takes courage AND deep, divine support from a mentor who understands your complex creativity, sexuality, and psyche.

My love, your inner FIRE cannot be tamed any longer...the world needs your self-expression just as much as you do. 

It might be scary AF, but you know it’s worth it.


1-1 work with me is very exclusive — I generally support 4 clients max at a time and only work with those who are truly ready to create deep change in their relationships, career/business, and lifestyle. 

My mentorship is a combination of soul and identity integration, kinesiology energy release, and subconscious/psyche coaching work. Please note: this is in no way therapy or mental health care and I am not medically qualified to provide such services. 

You'll receive an email within 24 hours (Monday-Friday EST) in reply to your application, and instructions to book your {FREE} consult call -OR- an alternative next step or resource for you if it doesn't feel like we're a perfect fit at this time. Either way, trust me, you will be totally supported!

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